5 Tips for Completing that DIY Plumbing Project

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Bathroom remodels are a lot of work. They require ample amounts of time and minimally, basic knowledge of the plumbing system. Although some projects can be completed on a DIY basis, a simple understanding of hose clamps and plumbing emergencies can be helpful. You expect that your toilet, shower, and sink remodel will go smoothly, but you should always be prepared for plumbing problems.

Do your research ahead of time
It is important to carefully plan out your DIY project ahead of time to avoid major home renovation stress. Plumbing projects require specific knowledge and exact tools. It can be problematic to pull out the plumbing and then have to run to the housing store for additional products. Carefully research every step of the project and plan out each part. Make a list of the needed parts of each step and purchase extra supplies, in case you lose any during the DIY project. If you have a friend or family member with plumbing knowledge, make sure you can reach them when you begin the plumbing project.

Measure multiple times
Everyone has heard the DIY term, measure twice, cut once. The same idea applies to plumbing projects. You will want to measure dimensions multiple times, before purchasing plumbing supplies. Items like black hose clamps and embossed clamps are purchased to fit the exact measurement of your plumbing system. Purchasing the wrong size can leave you with an exposed plumbing system and lack of needed supplies. Additionally, without the proper quality and size hose clamp, a hose seal is at risk to leak gas, liquid, or other substances. The best way to prevent plumbing problems down the road is to measure multiple times.

Have plenty of adjustable hose clamps on hand
Adjustable hose clamps and black hose clamps may not be ideal for long term use but can be helpful for quick fixes. An adjustable hose clamp can be adjusted to fit the exact measurement of your plumbing system. Just remember, if you plan to use the adjustable hose clamp or black hose clamps permanently, it is important to securely tighten them to prevent leaks. While you are expanding a hose clamp, if you keep turning the screwdriver counterclockwise, eventually the clamp opens up completely. To tighten it, you will keep turning it the opposite direction. Just make sure it is on securely and double check its secureness after a couple of days, and again, after a couple of weeks.

Keep screw hose clamps on hand for emergencies
If you damage the plumbing or black hose clamps, you will need to secure the plumbing until repairs can be made. Screw hose clamps can be helpful in these types of situations. Screw hose clamps are widely used for temporarily fixing damaged pipes quickly in an emergency. Just make sure that you have plenty of them on hand, even if you don?t think an emergency plumbing problem is a possibility. Ideally, it is best to have a variety of hose clamp types available for any plumbing situation that might arise.

Know when to call a professional plumber
Some plumbing projects and repairs require professional plumbing knowledge. Never sacrifice quality to save a couple hundred dollars. If the plumbing project is not completed properly, it could end up costing you thousands in repairs down the road. If you are not confident in your plumbing DIY abilities, it may be better to call in a professional plumber. They are familiar with plumbing emergencies and the different hose clamps on the market, including aircraft hoseclamps and extra large hose clamps. They are also more likely to have an emergency supply for problematic plumbing issues.

Some plumbing projects are extremely complex and require complete replacement of the plumbing system. Other projects require little in plumbing knowledge and can be completed on a DIY basis. Even the smallest of plumbing projects, however, requires preparation and research, as well as a supply of emergency plumbing tools.