How To Keep Your Heavy Equipment Working Longer And Better

Grouser track bolts and bushings

A good construction job is only done with the aid of reliable and sturdy equipment. This isn’t merely replacing a bull dozer or jackhammer with another, but maintaining tools that have been around for years with better parts. Tipping bars and grouser bars are one such element that see a frequent amount of swapping due to their prevalence. Without strong tread on bulldozer, the amount of grip and pull required to do the job efficiently would be astronomically difficult…and even dangerous. When you have heavy equipment to manage and only so much time in the day to differentiate between all your tasks, you need to get the basics over with.

What separates a good grouser bar from a poor one?

The United States is an industrialized country that provides some of the largest outputs of products and services across the globe. Recent estimates have even seen the country having the second largest construction market worldwide, with expenditures exceeding $900 billion on a regular basis. Just a few years back private construction companies reached over $680 billion alone. What does this mean for the tipping bar you need to buy?

From mining to excavation to repair, there’s always a need for powerful grouser steel tracks that can adhere to a tight schedule and high expectations. By the time 2016 was wrapping up there were over 659,000 mining employees working in a wide variety of fields across the nation. The demand for tools that don’t wear too quickly under pressure and can be swapped at will for updated models has only increased, so move forward with the confidence that there will be tipping bars that can compliment your set-up easily.

There are simple step-by-step rules when it comes to matching your grouser bar tracks with the appropriate equipment. When it comes to dozers, expect to use single grousers. These only have one tooth, making replacement a breeze compared to more complex models. Double grousers, used for loaders, have two teeth. Lastly, excavators that use triple grousers have three teeth. Good tools are one thing, however. How keen are you on everyday, manual maintenance?

There are a few things you should keep in mind so you can save money and keep your workers safe every time they step behind the wheel. Track chains should sag two inches or so on average whenever a straight edge is laid across the grousers. Don’t think this means you should tighten too much, however. Tracks that are far too tight can wear up to three times faster than more correctly adjusted tracks. Failing to keep in mind your equipment’s limitations can run the risk of wasting your money.

When schedules are tights and budgets run the risk of dipping, a little foresight can keep everyone sane. A survey conducted back in 2008 found nearly 30% of crawler dozer owners spending more than the purchase price on repairs over the lifetime of their equipment. Your bulldozer wear bar may be replaceable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stretch it out as long as possible (without putting anyone’s safety at risk, of course). Use these tools just like you use your heavy equipment.

Don’t just buy tipping bars and consider your job done. Be careful, get enough sleep, make smart decisions, and always on the lookout for how your work can be done better.