Comparing Car Window Tints

After-market window tints are a popular choice for vehicle owners. Many vehicle owners are not aware that there are different types of window tints that offer different levels of protection and different aesthetics. This video from a professional window tinter takes you through the different options that are available.

Video Source

The video takes you into different vehicles with different levels of tint to show the viewer the difference in the tint and how it affects the amount of light that will penetrate into the vehicle.

Understanding the different levels of tint is important to anyone who is considering aftermarket tinting. Some of the window films are very dark and afford complete privacy while others are a barely-there protectant that can reduce glare and heat exchange.

This video will help the viewer to better understand their options for tint and to make an informed decision about which tint is right for their vehicle. Viewers should note that some states have motor vehicle laws that outlaw specific dark tints. Check with your state DMV office before you have your car windows tinted to stay on the right side of the law.