The Ins and Outs of Refrigerated Trailers

This video discusses refrigerated trailers, how they work, what they look like on the inside, and what they are used for. The trailer’s engine is situated in between the trailer and the cab.

These vehicles run on diesel fuel, but they can also be plugged into a power source. The diesel tank is in the middle of the trailer, and the driver can fuel it from either side.

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Zone one is known as the front of the trailer, and zone two is known as the back of the trailer.

These types of trailers are primarily used to transport food. Some of the most common foods that get transported using this method are vegan sausages, pork chops, mushrooms, and vegetables. Everything that has to be temperature controlled goes inside these types of trailers. The temperature of the trailer can be adjusted from -20 to 20 degrees.

The speaker tells an interesting story about a time in 2020 when this type of trailer had 39 bodies inside of it. The ventilation system may have failed, which caused the people to pass away. Nevertheless, the trailer kept the bodies frozen. To hear more about the story and the ins and outs of refrigerated trailers, watch this intriguing video.