Debris Falling out of Your Pickup Bed? Invest in Tie Downs Today

As of 2017, more light trucks were sold than cars for five years in a row. In fact, they jumped to a market share of 64.5% that year. It is clear that many find the convenience of trucks and other similar vehicle types hard to resist, and there is no doubt they help a lot when it comes to hauling.

That being said, it is vital to ensure everything in your load is properly tied down. If you own a pickup truck, then pickup bed tie downs are an investment you will want to make. They not only keep you and your belongings safer, they keep other travelers safer, as well.

Truck Tie Downs Prevent Accidents

Pickup bed tie downs help to keep roads safer to drive on. The AAA did a study over four years and discovered that debris in the roads caused a large portion of accidents every single year. In fact, over the course of the study, over 200,000 crashes occurred because of it.

Of these 200,000 right around 66% of them occurred because of debris that fell out of truck beds. Why were items falling out? Because they were not properly secured. These 200,000 crashes also led to 500 deaths and around 39,000 injuries. Truck tie down anchors make a huge impact on the safety of yourself and others. They are a well worthwhile investment, indeed.

Pickup Truck Tie Downs Mean Less Damage

When you secure your belongings with pickup bed tie downs, you keep the items themselves better protected, as well. If you are hauling furniture or personal belongings, the last thing you want is them falling out and getting damaged or broken beyond repair. This will wind up costing you more money, and could you leave you without a couch, bed, or dresser.

Especially if you are transporting items a long distance, tie downs are a big necessity. If your items are right on the edge of falling out, it offers an extra distraction that you and other drivers simply do not need. Between weather conditions, road construction, wildlife on the roads, and more, no one needs another thing to occupy their mind.

Tie downs take the worry out of hauling, so you do not need to stress.

Worried About Compromising Cosmetic Appeal?

If you are worried about truck tie downs ruining the look of your new truck, ask our team about retractable anchors or retractable tie downs. We have something for every style or preference.

Ready to gain the peace of mind you deserve? Guarantee safer travels for you and everyone else on the road by investing in your new truck tie down anchors today.