Fixing Damage to Car Bodies and Windshields

The owner of any car or pickup truck should keep up with that vehicle’s repair and maintenance needs, and this includes work both inside and outside, from cleaning the car’s carpeting to changing the oil filter. Meanwhile, what about a car damaged by hail, or glass repair for the windshield or taking the car to a paint shop? Cars can suffer all kinds of damage on the outside after an accident, bad weather, or vandalism, and a dented or scratched up car is unsightly and will not sell well. Fortunately, a car damaged by hail can be taken in to a repair shop right away, and a scratched car can get its paint touched up with expert hands. And if the front windshield gets badly cracked, that can be fixed, too.

Auto Body Repair

Modern cars and pickup trucks are made out of steel and aluminum and are designed to be fuel-efficient and aerodynamic. But a car will need auto body services if blunt impacts put large, ugly dents on its doors, roof, trunk, or hood. What might happen? A glancing blow against another car during an auto accident will dent the body severely, and a car might slide out of control (such as on icy roads) and hit a fire hydrant or mail box or similar objects, and thus suffer from dents. Meanwhile, a truck’s cargo might accidentally come loose while on the road, and loose bricks, stones, or other objects will go flying and strike the cars behind that truck, denting them badly. A car can suffer damage from sufficiently large hail too, such as hail the size of golf balls or larger. Small mail probably will not cause damage, but larger hail will, if the car is caught out in the open. Finally, there is the threat of vandalism, when people throw heavy objects at a parked car or strike it with rod-like objects to dent it on purpose.

A car damaged by hail is unsightly and will not sell well, and such a car also has compromised aerodynamic qualities, which in turn reduces its fuel efficiency. A badly dented car may also have paint damage on it. So, a car damaged by hail can and should be taken to any auto repair shop that can pound out dents, and if need be, the owner can look up “auto body repair services car dents” or something like that online to find a suitable shop. There, the crews will remove any affected body parts and pound out the dents from the other side, restoring the car’s shape. Very badly damaged pieces might be replaced altogether.

Windshield Repair

A related field is windshield repair. A car’s front windshield is tough and can endure strong winds while the car is moving, but many of the hazards that threaten a car’s body may damage the windshield and put spiderweb cracks on it, or longer, thinner cracks. Flying debris that came loose from a truck may strike the windshield and crack it badly, and large hail is often known to crack windshields and rear glass as well. Here again, it is typically larger hail that causes major damage. And of course, vandalism will lead to windshield damage, or car robbery.

A cracked windshield is not only ugly, but it is also distracting, and that is a safety hazard for the driver. What’s more, the cracks might widen and deepen as the car moves, and the glass might shatter entirely. So, a car with a cracked windshield will likely fail a safely inspection, and the owner must take it in to a shop to have the windshield repaired as a whole.

Car Paint

Vandalism, glancing blows, and flying debris (not to mention falling tree branches) may scratch up or scrape off a car’s paint, which is not only unattractive but exposes the metal underneath to the air, causing it to rust. A car’s owner may take their vehicle to the shop for a localized paint touch-up job, to make the paint and sealant look like new. Savvy car owners can order paint, primer, and sealant themselves, then sand down the affected area on their vehicle and apply all that paint and primer themselves. They should let each layer dry before applying the next one.