Four Important Rules for Designing Your Car Wrap

Camo wrap

Are you interested in for car wraps for your business? In our marketing-saturated climate, consumers are conditioned to ignore advertisements. They mentally block out billboards. They leave the room during commercials. They don’t even see internet banners.

Using your vehicle as a moving advertisement is a profound way to reach your target market. It’s unique. It’s relate-able. The other drivers on the road are not able to do anything besides keep their eyes on the road, and so your message has their undivided attention.
When you decide a car wrap is the right choice for you, you should take care finding the best sign company. If you do it wrong, your car wrap can send a negative message to your target market. Before investing in a car wrap, make sure you follow remember these important rules:

Four Important Rules for Designing Your Car Wrap

  1. Search local.

    Let’s say you are searching for camo truck wraps Oklahoma City. To narrow your search down to the best car wrap provider, start by Googling “camo truck wraps Oklahoma City.” Without being specific from the get-go, you’ll find eleven million car wrap providers, and it’s hard to narrow down. When you search “camo truck wraps Oklahoma City,” you get straight to the source — providers who specialize in camo truck wraps Oklahoma City.

    After you’ve identified a few truck wrap specialists in your area, make sure to read reviews about them online, so that you know your project is in the right hands.
  2. Use a professional design for your logo.

    Unless your business is a national chain, the primary benefit of using a car wrap is to increase brand recognition. You want other drivers on the road to see your vehicle and remember you when they need your service. If your brand is home-cooked or not professional looking, you’ll actually create a negative association with your name. The take away other drivers on the road will gain from it is that you cut corners on your logo, so you’ll probably cut corners on their business as well.

    Before you ever approach your truck wrap, enlist a good graphic designer to create the perfect logo to represent your brand. Many car wrap companies also provide this service. Using a graphic designer who works with car wraps to create your logo might be beneficial, since they can create your logo while keeping in mind that it will be on your vehicle eventually.

  3. Avoid using photos in your wrap.
    The audience who looks at your car wrap is going to see it while driving at a high speed. You might get two or three seconds to make an impression on them. The idea is to get your message across as quickly and clearly as you can. To do this, you must, we say MUST keep it simple. This is impossible to do with a photo.

    Let’s say you install air conditioners for a living. You think the best way to represent your business is put a photo of an air conditioner on the side of your truck. In the five seconds that other drivers on the road are exposed to your car wrap, it makes them think, “That air conditioning is different than the one on my house. My house is a mess right now. I should hire someone to paint the exterior of my house..” and you’ve lost them. Instead of using a photo, use (professional) graphics that keep your mission simple.
  4. Avoid too many words.

    While we’re on the subject of keeping it simple. Keep your words to a minimum. If you put too much information on your car, it makes other drivers ignore all of it. A lot of business owners want to include bulleted lists or information about the services they offer, but it just turns off other drivers.

    Your car wrap should include your professionally designed brand, a tagline (such as “Home of the $29.99 Air Conditioning Service”), and a phone number. If your business can be reached on social media (and you SHOULD be on social media), the simple Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook logos will tell other drivers where they can find you.

Do you have any questions about putting a wrap on your vehicle? Please share with us in the comment section below.