Three Surprising Benefits of Having Floor Mats

Rubber floor mat

Are you looking for tuxedo car carpets for your vehicle? Tuxedo car carpets are a great way to protect your vehicle while still maintaining a great appearance. The best way to keep the interior of your car is to never use it, or to cover it in plastic tarp. This defeats the purpose of having a beautiful car altogether though.

Surprisingly, tuxedo car carpets do more than just protect your baby’s floors from the dirt and debris on the bottom of your passengers’ shoes. Even though your car flooring might be covered with a carpet already, the mats add value to your car by protecting it from being worn out, making it easier to clean up, and resisting mold and mildew. If you don’t believe us, here are a few extra benefits to using tuxedo car carpets:

Three Surprising Benefits of Having Floor Mats

  1. Cleaning your vehicle is a metric ton easier when you have floor mats.

    Isaac Newton taught us about the power of gravity. What goes up, must come down. This is particularly true for any crumbs, dirt, dust, mud and debris that enters your vehicle. Through the power of gravity, it will eventually land on the floor of your vehicle. If your car flooring is not protected by a mat, all of this inevitable crud is a pain in the you-know-what to clean out. In fact, once it gets good and smashed into your carpet, it’s harder to remove than a full-body tattoo that says, “Why didn’t you just get floor mats, ya dummy!”

    Conversely, when you have floor mats, all the dirt and crud that ends up in your vehicle gets caught by the mat. When it’s time to clean it out, simply pull the floor carpet out and shake it down. Maybe run a vacuum over it if it’s really dirty.

  2. Preventing wear and tear.

    The bottom of our shoes have traction on the bottom of them. That traction is great from keeping you in an upright position while walking and jogging, and going about your business. However, the traction on the bottom of your shoes are brutal to the floor of your vehicle. As people get in and out of your car, and their feet rub the carpet of your car, it wears it out. Pretty soon, your beautiful car has unsightly bald spots or worn out areas from continually being a doormat.

    When you have a floor mat in your vehicle, it’s the floor mat that gets the traction-end of your passengers’ shoes, not the interior of your baby. Good floor mats can resist wear and tear better than the actual interior of the car. And when they do wear out, they are far easier and cheaper to replace than the interior of the vehicle.

  3. Resisting mold and mildew growth.
    Mold and mildew is always an unwanted guest in your vehicle. As mold gets a foothold in your car, you might experience unpleasant odors that are impossible to get rid of. In some cases, mold and mildew can even be hazardous to the health of you and your passengers. Unfortunately, your car is also a prime spot for mold and mildew to multiply and prosper. Mold does its best growing and thriving when it has warmth and moisture. It is inevitable that you’ll get moisture in your vehicle on a rainy or snowy day, from the bottom of your shoes. Then, when you get driving, you probably crank up the heat to make yourself comfortable. Unfortunately, this is about the time those mold spores are rubbing their hands together and saying, “Everything is going according to plan!”

    Meanwhile, when you have car mats, the moisture is either absorbed by the mat, preventing it from getting into the interior of your vehicle and letting mold take hold, or it repels it, so that the beads of water just dry up on the surface of the mat. This protects your car from the mold and mildew that you definitely do not want.

If you love your vehicle, and we think you do, you owe it to yourself to get some good quality floor mats. Floor mats will make your car easy to clean, protect you from mold and mildew, and keep your interior from getting worn out.