Why Should You Get Replacement Carpets For Your Car?

Replacement carpet

Cars are amazing. In fact, four in 10 people say that they love their cars — not just like them, but love them.
But cars, like all other objects, can get incredibly dirty. People don’t seem to really conceptualize of this fact, however. Get ready for an extreme demonstration of this concept — a study from Queen Mary University in London found that, on average, 700 different kinds of bacteria can be found inside cars. Only 60 types of bacteria are found in the average public toilet. That comparison might have been a bit graphic for you, but the fact is that you use your car a lot, and more so many different things, that it is honestly unsurprising how many different types of germs get in the car flooring, seats, and walls.

Commuters say their average commute takes 26 minutes; the median is 20 minutes. Their worst commute can take an average of 46 minutes, but a median of 30 — but many people have even longer and more grueling commutes. If this is the case, or you regularly transport your children, it might be a wise choice to get replacement carpets for your car, most particularly in for the trunk mats and the auto mats. Think about it: how many times have you put groceries or other types of consumables directly into the trunk on your car and then onto your counter soon thereafter?

Luckily, getting replacement carpets is not terribly hard. You can have custom carpets made if you like, or you can simply buy off the market, standard ones.

After you replace your carpet, it is important to use your new clean slate to start anew when it comes to cleaning your car and car carpets. Think about them as if they were carpets in your home. You’d never go two weeks without vacuuming them, or a year without having them cleaned. If you love your car so much, why do you do that to your car?

Replacement carpet is reasonably priced, easy to install, and a quick fix to all of the bacteria that is festering inside of your car. Come get it today!