Four Reasons Why You Should Buy a Pre-Owned Car

Buying a new car can be an exciting journey. It’s always fun to test out the features of a car that may become your own. But sometimes the price tag attached to that new car is a serious deterrent from a much-needed vehicle. That’s why used cars are such a popular alternative; in fact, pre owned cars make up three out of four automotive sales in the United States.

With statistics like these, you may wonder what it is about used cars that has so many people flocking to buy them. After all, you may think that brand new is better. However, there are plenty of great reasons to buy a pre owned car. Let’s look at just four of those reasons.

Save Some Money

If you’ve ever seen a car commercial on TV, you may think that the pricing options aren’t too bad. When payments are broken down into a monthly amount, any purchase may seem feasible. But the average price of a new car in the United States totals at about $35,000, which is not an amount of money the average American has lying around. A car loan is a great option, but paying off $35,000 will take a long time.

But buying a pre owned vehicle can save you a ton of money, and the difference between a new and used car is sometimes minimal. That pre owned car may cost you half as much as a brand new car, giving you more freedom to pay off your loan and invest in another big purchase sooner.

Used Cars Can Be Better for the Environment

Why buy a brand new car when a perfectly good used car exists? By buying a pre owned car, you’re saving on the demand for factories to produce a brand new car, which in turn is a benefit for the environment.

The Older the Car, the Lower the Insurance Rate

This isn’t a hard and fast rule, as car insurance rates rely on a multitude of contributing factors, but generally speaking, if you buy an older car, your insurance premiums won’t skyrocket. The cost of car insurance on a brand new car can be unbelievably expensive when compared to the rates on an older car, so save yourself a little more money in the long run and month-to-month by purchasing a pre owned car.

Lower Fees

When you buy a pre owned car, most states expect you to register the car or pay some kind of fees. With a used car, those registration fees can be a heck of a lot lower than the fees on a brand new car. And who doesn’t love to save money?

When you buy a pre owned car, you’re not only saving money on the cost of the purchase, but you’re saving money on a whole host of other things: insurance rates, registration and licensing fees, auto loans. With the growing cost of all of life’s necessities, saving money wherever you can is a fantastic step that will benefit you in the long run.