Getting Your Car to the Auto Shop

Automobiles such as cars, pickup trucks, and jeeps are a staple for adult life today in the United States and abroad, and for many people, getting their first car is a beloved rite of passage. But these are powerful, expensive, and complex machines, and of course should be treated as such, and going to the auto repair shop for a tune up service or replacing batteries should be done whenever fixes are needed. If treated well, and if taken to the auto repair shop regularly, a car may run well for a long time to come and serve its owner comfortably. A lube and filter service can take care of routine maintenance for a car, and an auto shop may also take care of other work such as brake service or refilling brake fluid. What should a car owner keep in mind?

On Cars and Repair

Plenty of Americans get their cars taken in to an auto repair shop as needed, but the bad news is that plenty of others do not. There are, however, plenty of guidelines that any car owner, especially newer ones, can keep in mind so that their vehicle is in top shape. For example, a good rule to follow is to have the car’s oil changed every 5,000 miles or every four months, or follow the directions that the car’s manufacturer gives. Just how often do cars go without their repairs? A recent survey found that nearly 77% of all cars are in need of maintenance or repairs today, and if a car goes too long without repairs, this may lead to further damage that may cost even more time and money to fix. In fact, Indiana University carried out a study and found that 1.4% of all auto accidents can be blamed on under-inflated tires, and mechanical failures of all kinds are responsible for around 12-13% of all auto accidents. Clearly, a car owner should stay on top of these repair needs or face possible trouble later on.

Car owner should take heart that keeping a car running is routine and is just a matter of taking the car into the auto repair shop when needed. The tires are often something that should be looked over. Tire rotation should, speaking generally, be done once every 7,500 miles driven, or as often as the manufacturer recommends. Parts of the engine such as its belts can be looked over as well, and if the “check engine” light has been on for a while, an owner should certainly take their car in to the auto repair shop. If that light stays on for awhile, the problem in the engine could grow out of control and cause even more repairs to be needed.

A car owner can also take care of the car’s interior. The owner of a used car may need to do some fixing in there, such as on the seats. A used car’s seat upholstery may have rips or holes in it that are ugly and may leak stuffing, and an owner is urged to sew or patch those holes shut. Another idea is to hire crews to remove the upholstery entirely and replace it with new material, such as real or false leather that is comfortable and stylish. The car floor mats should also be cleaned or replaced, as can the trunk mats.

Car owners who do not have the skills or tools to work with will take their car to an auto repair shop so that professional crews can take care of it, but car enthusiasts may have the tools and skills needed to handle minor repairs and tune-ups themselves. An expert car owner can refill the fluids or inspect their engine on their own, and many car enthusiasts may in fact have their own private garage built where they can customize, upgrade, or tune up cars as needed, all on their own. For regular car owners, the best bet is to look up local auto parts shops such as with an Internet search, and compare and contrast local crews and shops to find the best deals. A customer may also refer to previous customer reviews for more information to find a shop that will work well for a fair price.