Shopping For A Used Car The Popular Choices And Useful Tips You Need To Buy Smart In 2019

Shopping for a used car can be tiring work.

There are so many brands to sift through and only so much time to get to them all. What if you purchase a Jeep now and later find out there was a better deal? If you’re feeling the weight of the world pressing down on your shoulders, read on. Shopping for a used car is an act millions of Americans take upon themselves every year, from the family that needs a second vehicle to the individual who’s tired of carpooling to college. Asking the right questions will steer you right where you need to be.

Let’s take a look at what today’s auto dealer can offer you.

New Vehicles Are Still Going Strong

Thinking of getting a brand new vehicle? They’re still going pretty strong, according to recent studies. Back in 2017 total new vehicle sales surpassed an impressive $1 trillion. The same year saw the total cost of service and parts sales at dealerships across the United States hitting well past $110 billion. Your local dealership will have all the brand new cars you could ever hope for, from the family-friendly Chrysler to the classic Ford.

Used Vehicles Are Smartly Priced

You might be considering a used vehicle instead. Why wouldn’t you, when they’re the pitch-perfect balance between quality and affordability? Between private-party and dealership sales nearly 40 million used cars will exchange hands every year. A common misconception about used cars is they’re an inferior version of the new model, sacrificing quality in favor of a low price. The fact of the matter is that a used car has to go through a strict screening process to be considered worthy of sale.

Light Trucks Are A Flexible Choice

Shopping for a used car will bring to your attention the hundreds of car types on the market. The hardy Jeep for outdoor types, the practical single-passenger vehicle for the couple…which one should you start checking out? Light trucks are a wise option because of just how flexible they are, able to slot easily into several different lifestyles. Back in 2016 light truck sales accounted for nearly 65% of the 17 million vehicles sold. The next year would see 11 million units sold.

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles Can Save On Stress

Want to save on some stress later? Ask your auto dealers about certified pre-owned vehicles (or CPO) as your shopping for a used car. These used cars have been cleaned out, upgraded, and certified by the manufacturing company they came from. This means you’ll get a better deal on warranties and several useful benefits down the road, instead of winging it. Many first-time buyers prefer the certified pre-owned to take some of the bite out of car ownership.

Ask Your Dodge Dealer For Special Sales

When in doubt? Just look up some special deals to get you making that final plunge. It was projected back in 2017 the American automotive industry would spend nearly $10 million on digital advertising for their used vehicles and it shows. More Americans today are becoming aware of just how many options are at their disposal, less to make the process complicated and more to give them power over their purchase. Is it a light truck that’ll free up your workweek or a Ram Chantilly that’ll give you a new source of pride?

There’s only one way to find out! Talk to your local auto dealer and get yourself on the fast track to a better 2019.