Guide to Purchasing Small Tractors

When it comes to choosing a first tractor, the process can be daunting, but armed with a little implement understanding and machinery know-how, you can learn to speak the dealer’s language and get what you need.

Every tractor worth considering will have a clean, fuel-efficient diesel engine, transmission(s), rear 3-point hitch, rear drawbar, one or two power take-off (PTO) points and a hydraulic system. Most of the tractors also will be equipped with four-wheel drive. Basic tractors without any attachments will cost anywhere from about $10,000 to well over $30,000 depending on their power rating, size and the level to which they are appointed with high-end engines, transmissions and hydraulic systems.

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There are many important factors when it comes to selecting a small tractor, including understanding the size of the land you will be working and terrain it sits on. For example, if you will be working on flat grounds with few trees and little to no hills, then a tractor with 22.40 horsepower may suffice. But for those who work in more tough terrain where there are many obstacles such as rocks or large tree roots that can get stuck under the tires of your compact tractor–then it is best to invest in one of John Deere’s models that offer 30-50 horsepower.