Why is There a Mechanic Shortage in America?

In 2022, the workforce has seen an incredible amount of people leaving their jobs, due to factors such as low wages, improper treatment, feeling undervalued, and more. A career being hit particularly hard by this recent worker shortage is auto mechanics. Unfortunately, the mechanic shortage has left customers frustrated.

For over 100 years, cars have run on gasoline.

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Now, electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. This means new technology, new car parts, and new information to learn. This can be particularly challenging for mechanics who have been in the industry for a long time.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic certainly plays a role in this worker shortage, this has been a problem long before. The National Automobile Dealer Association has estimated that there is a shortage of about 37,000 mechanics each year.

Lack of adequate pay is another large reason auto shops are struggling to retain their workers. The average pay for a mechanic in 2021 was around $47,000. Additionally, there is an incredibly high turnover rate, especially in the specific position of a service provider. Data shows that in a single calendar year, there is a 50% turnover rate for service providers.