How Many Cars Does Your Family Have?

Family orientated car dealer

The stories of used cars in your family could fill a book.
From the first Duster that you drove in high school to the used cars that you have purchased for your three teenagers, every one of those cars tells a story. That Duster of your, for instance, is the car your father bought you so that you could get to and from school and your first job. The first job where you met a coworker who would one day become your husband. The family friendly SUV that all three of your children have driven at one time or another has hilarious stories of drives to cross country practice and band competitions. In fact, you probably do not even want to know the details about how many runners or how many instruments have been in that vehicle.
Americans depend on their cars, and finding the right family orientated car dealer can help you find a wide selection of both new and used cars in a variety of price ranges. And while everyone might dream of buying nothing but new cars, the reality is that most family budgets require careful consideration of the used car market as well.
Consider some of these facts about the USED CAR market:

  • U.S. News and World Report ranked the 2017 GMC Terrain number seven out of the top 18 Compact SUVs.
  • Statistics show that the average vehicle will have three owners in a lifetime.
  • Estimates from the year 2014 indicate that 88% of Americans reported owning a car.
  • Dependable cars are an important part of many families. In fact, although the average family owns two cars, as many as 35% of American households have three or more vehicles.

  • Conversations are an important part of many family lives. Not surprising, a 2016 CarGurus survey reported that 45% of parents indicated they were most likely to have a conversation with their children about their day while driving in the family car.
  • A study from The Family Room indicated that 57% involve their children in decisions about purchasing a car.
  • Reliable cars help families meet their obligations and make it to their appointments on time.

Whether you are looking for a USED CAR for a new teenage driver or a vehicle that your college student can drive to an from her internships, finding the right car dealer is the first step toward finding an affordable and reliable option.