Is Your Car Windshield in Need of Repair?

A cracked windshield is a very serious problem that you need to address right away. Although it might seem like auto glass is strong enough to hold together, any crack in a windshield weakens it and makes it more likely that additional damage will take place. It’s time to take a ride to the dealership!

If you want to know do dealerships replace windshields, the answer is a definite yes. If you have a car that is still under warranty with a local car dealership, you might even be able to get your windshield replaced at no charge! Whether you are under warranty or not, a dealership can completely replace a heavily damaged windshield.

If you have a single crack or a small damaged area, you might not need a complete windshield replacement. Instead, auto repair technicians can perform auto glass repair on the site.

Don’t drive around with windshield damage. Get to a local dealership and get it fixed. Failure to address this problem in time can prevent you from being able to drive safely, so time is of the essence. Auto glass professionals will be able to quickly and safely get you back on the road again, seeing clearly.

If you get a crack in your windshield, you’ll need to fix it. Auto glass and windshield repair are covered to varying degrees by different insurance policies, so check what your policy will cover. They might provide a certain amount, or they might require you to go to certain auto glass dealers to get the work done. Autoglass replacement companies can either fix minor cracks or give you a new windshield. Repairing the glass is generally cheaper, but it might not be an option for major damage.

Auto door window glass replacement can usually be done on-site at a company. You bring your car to them and they do the repairs. However, some damage makes it unsafe for you to drive your car. In this case, you might be able to get auto glass delivery. This can be very useful. However, it is often more expensive. Check what your insurance company will cover. If they don’t cover delivery, you’ll have to decide whether to drive the car to the dealer or pay the remaining cost out of pocket.

These trips to Louisiana are memorable.
The trip to Shreveport from Omaha, Nebraska, takes 12 hours and some how on each of the trips you have gotten a cracked windshield. From dirt roads to trucks carrying trees on the way to the lumber yard, it seems there is always something flying toward your car. As a result, you have learned a few tips for getting your windshield repaired. The first of which is to make sure that you take care of the problem as soon as possible. Waiting, as it turns out, can turn a small crack into a big problem.
Another of the important tips for getting your windshield repaired is working with a company that provides mobile service. The biggest hassle about getting a windshield repaired is sometimes getting to the appointment and waiting for the repair. For this reason, a growing number of windshield repair services are offering mobile services. With this option for auto glass repair consumers can be at work or at home and still get their windshield fixed.
Consider some of these facts and figures about windshield replacement service and the other options these professionals offer:

  • 45% of an automobile cabin?s structural integrity in a head on collision comes from the windshield.
  • A replacement is in order if windshield damage is in the driver?s line of sight or the damage is greater than three inches wide.
  • 17,160 people were working as automotive glass installers and repairers in 2014, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics May 2015 report.
  • $2.9 billion is the amount of revenue created by automotive glass replacement shops in the year 2012.
  • Window tinting standards and limitations can vary so it is important for consumers to work with professional installers.
  • Compared to untinted glass, tinted automobile glass allows 3.8 times less UVA to pass through, c.
  • Unfortunately, nearly 80% of auto glass replacements are not done correctly, according to a 2007 report.
  • Globally, the automotive glass market was estimated to be $15.79 billion in the year 2015.
  • Generating 49.8% of the revenue share, tempered automotive glass was in high demand in the year 2015.

Whether you are looking for a quick and effective way to repair or replace a cracked windshield or you are looking for tinting options for a new car, professional auto glass services are the best option.