How Old Are the Tires on Your Car?

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The unexpected three inches of snow confirmed the need for new tires.
The last time you took your 2014 Hyundai Sonata in for an oil change, the report indicated that you were soon going to need to replace all four tires. Even though you had followed up on all of the needed tire rotations, the 50,000 mile mark indicated that new tires were in your future. And even when the treads look okay to the average consumer, it only takes a few inches of snow or a rainy and cold night to show that new tires are needed. The first time a driver steps on the breaks and panics about a lack of traction, that driver may indeed wish that the recommendation would have been followed sooner rather than later.
Tire Companies Across the Country Offer a Variety of Products in a Wide Range of Prices
Whether you are looking at used tires for an older tractor or a brand new set of tires for the car that your family uses for most of its long road trips, the options and prices cover a very wide range. From finding a used set of golf cart tires at a flea market in Louisiana to spending what it takes to get a new set of top of the line radial tires for an SUV, tire purchases require attention to detail. Obviously, the buyer needs to know the rim size and the other specifications, but it is also necessary to research other options like warranties and included tire rotations.
And while retread tires may work for some drivers, others decide to make sure that they are always making the high end purchases to ensure the safety of their family. Retreading processes are often a great option, but it is important to make these purchases from a reputable dealer that you trust. Few things are as important as having dependable tires that are properly maintained. From following the recommended rotations to monthly checks for proper inflation, the maintenance of your tires can have a direct effect on the safety of your travels.
Knowledge of Basic Tire Information Can Help You Keep Your Family Safe When You Travel
Neglecting vehicle maintenance costs the U.S. economy over $2 billion each year. The money, however, could be the smallest part of the problem. If a neglected car maintenance issue like new tires leads to an accident, it may be difficult to place a dollar amount on the neglect. Consider some of these recommendations when it comes to tire care and maintenance:

  • 6/32nds of an inch in tread serves as an indicator that it is time to get your tires replaced.
  • It is essential to install all four winter tires, not just two. This is a recommendation to follow regardless of whether you have all-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, or rear-wheel drive vehicle. Hazardous winter road conditions can be lessened by having the best kind of tires on your vehicle, so be sure to follow this and about recommendations from a reputable dealer.
  • Depending on the insurance carrier, some drivers can save as much as 5% off car insurance premiums, simply by equipping a vehicle with four winter tires.
  • 6,000 miles, or whenever you have your oil changed, is when experts recommend checking the tire alignment.
  • 7,500 miles, or as often as the car manufacturer indicates, is the recommended time for a tire rotation.
  • 50% of a tire’s inflation pressure can be lost before it ever appears to be flat. Unfortunately, however, under inflation results in unnecessary tire stress which can lead to irregular wear, loss of control while riving, and accidents.

Are You Doing Everything You Can to Keep Your Family Safe This Holiday Season?
In the midst of preparing for the upcoming winter holiday season are you making sure that you take care of the most important details. You may think that you have planned well if you have all of the gifts purchased, all of the holiday meal recipes selected, and your travel itinerary scheduled. If you have not, however, taken care of getting that much needed new set of tires for your vehicle then all of your other planning could be in vain. Make tire safety, maintenance, and replacement priorities on your to-do list.