How to Handle DIY Alloy Wheel Repairs

There are a lot of reasons why you may need to repair your alloy wheels. Since they are so low to the ground and at the edges of your vehicle, they are prone to becoming scratched. They can also get damaged by rubbing against curbs, creating an unattractive effect called curb rash.

If you love your alloy wheels and would like to see them looking as good as new again, you can try a few DIY alloy wheel repairs. Some auto body shops also offer alloy wheel repair services.

Video Source

The video on this page is a very informative guide to alloy wheel repairs. In the video, the host uses a variety of supplies to repair a set of rims with a lot of cosmetic damage. The supplies include metal-reinforced bondo, sandpaper, rubbing alcohol, spot putty, primer filler, silver metallic spray paint, and wheel clearcoat.

He uses these products to smooth away light scratches and fill in deep dents in the rims. Then he finishes the project by spray painting the wheels with a fresh coat of silver paint and applying a protective clear coat.

Make sure to watch the video in full before attempting this project to ensure you don’t miss vital information about the process.