How to use hose clamps properly in brewing beer

Black hose clamp

A hose clamp (also known as a hose clip) is a tiny device used to attach and seal a hose onto a fitting like a barb or nipple. They are essential for many different home do it yourself projects, especially when it comes to plumbing. But black hose clamps also have a different, very important use: for beer lines. That’s right, hose clamps can make a world of difference when you are brewing beer. Read why (and how to use them correctly) below.

Black hose clamps, or other types of hose clamps, are essential in keeping all of the hoses connected properly so that liquid and gas can flow from the keg to the draft and everywhere in between. And what type of clamp you choose to use is important.

Screw clamps, also known as worm clamps, can be found in any hardware store and are very easy to handle (you don’t even need any special tools or equipment). The only problem is that they sometimes cause uneven pressure around the hose and, if tightened too much, can cause permanent damage. You also need to make sure you are only using stainless steel clamps to avoid corrosion and other problems in the long run.

The most highly recommended black hose clamps are stepless clamps. While they are not reusable and require special tools and must be sized to match, these clamps provide equal pressure effectively and are most loved by professionals.

So you have picked out what kind of clamp you want to use but now you actually have to put it on. The process is not difficult but it must be done properly to enable your brewing system to run the most efficiently and without any issues. The clamp functions as a way to keep the hose tightly secure around the tailpiece in the brewing system. Getting the clamp and hose over the tailpiece though can be very difficult. Follow these steps:

Put the clamp over the end of the hose after making sure it is the right size. Then dip the end of the hose in hot water for a few minutes to soften the hose and make it more easy to stretch out. Remove the hose from the water and put it onto the barb or tailpiece. Pull the clamp down over the barb and tighten it as needed, making sure it’s about an eighth of an inch from the end of the hose.