How Trailer And Reefer Unit Manufacturers Affect Semi Trailers Sales In Canada Through The Development Of Lighter And Stronger Trailers

Semi trailers sales

Canada trailer sales have become a different market since the development of trailers that are able to handle heavier payloads despite lower hauler weight. A reefer trailer, the short hand nick name for a refrigerated trailer, can help you haul cargo that must stay at a low temperature during transit. Trailer leasing and trailer maintenance are two market segments that remain strong, despite the 0.9 percent decrease of trucking and transportation industries due to economic weakness during the first quarter of 2012. The lower weight of haulers and improved gas efficiency allows hauling services to keep their overhead down. Lower overhead plus a higher cargo weight that can be handled per load means that semi trailers sales are still very active.

Class 5 truck gross weight vehicle ratings range between 16,001 pounds to 19,500 pounds. The class 5 semi trailers sales market will go up and down depending on several factors. Purchasing newer trailers is popular, since Freon has been outlawed and the more environmentally friendly coolant named R134a has gained market traction. You can easily transport perishable cargo by coordinating the logistics in advance. Using refrigerator trucks, cars, ships, containers and warehouses is essential to the supply chain for several industries. The need for these services to such clients as scientific research labs or grocery markets ensures the continued strength of the refrigerated semi trailers sales market for businesses that operate across Canada, America and several other foreign nations all over the globe.