Is It a Good Idea to Buy Used Cars and Trucks?

Buying a used truck

Ford motors are practically synonymous with the history of motor cars in the U.S. For more than a hundred years, they have made some of the most popular cars and trucks in the country and around the world. Ford motorcars are also excellent used vehicles. Certified pre owned vehicles are a good choice for someone who wants a dependable car without paying for the “newness” factor. Used cars and trucks also undergo exhaustive checks and come with manufacturers warranties.

Ford made the first affordable automobiles
Ford has been making automobiles for over a hundred years. The first affordable motor car was the T-Model, which became available to the public in 1908. Nineteen years later, in 1927, the first Model A sold for $850. With a 2-cylinder engine that could attain maximum speeds of 30 mph, it was one of the first classic cars.
Founder Henry Ford’s purpose in producing affordable cars for the public was to give ordinary person the freedom to travel and connect with the outdoors. That’s still the reason why people treasure their cars.

Classic Ford cars
The ’60s were the heyday of classic Ford cars, which became icons of popular culture. The Mustang was release in 1964, and became an instant hit. By the next Christmas, 94,000 children were the proud owners of pedal-powered Mustangs, which they received as Christmas gifts.
The Ford GT40 was an long-distance race car, jointly designed and produced in Britain and the U.S. It won the famous race at LeMans four years in a row, from 1966 to 1969. The 40-inch high car (just over three feet) had an American-built engine that outlasted all the others, including Ferrari, in the 24-hour race.

Ford autos are still among the most popular
The popularity of Ford automobiles has lasted until this day. In 2014 alone, these generated revenue worth about $144 billion. At present, Ford owns 14.7% of the U.S. auto market and earns annual profits worth $3.187 billion.
Ford trucks are in a category of their own. The F-Series pickup truck has been the top-selling pickup truck in the U.S. for 37 consecutive years. It’s also been the best-selling overall vehicle for 32 years straight. On average, 745,747 F-Series trucks have been sold each year since 1998.

Why buying used cars and trucks is a good idea
Ford’s glory days are not only in the past. Their new and pre owned ford vehicles are still very popular. Ford cars are also excellent used vehicles. Buying a pre-owned vehicle is a good way to get a reliable car at a good price.
Certified pre-owned vehicles undergo extensive checks by the manufacturer and are certified by the manufacturer as well. They have strong warranties, and any and all potential problems have been spotted and fixed.

Buying a used car is no longer the chancy matter it used to be. Dealers will let you have the vehicle’s history upfront, and many will even post it along with their online inventory. So anyone looking for excellent used vehicles has only to go online and browse the listings to find the model and price they like. They can even schedule a test drive online. The Ford dealer near you will have a wide selection of excellent used vehicles that are both dependable and fun to drive.