The top 3 Things That All Award Winning Cars Have in Common

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Life is full of making important decisions in regards to major investments and milestones, such as getting married, having a child, buying a new home or piece of property, and purchasing a car. More often than not, making important decisions in regards to these life changing events can be difficult because there are so many factors involved. This is especially true when it comes to car leases and car sales of used and new vehicles. Buying a new or used vehicle or even leasing a vehicle is a major investment, so it pays to take the time to thoroughly review all that’s involved.

Whether you’re leasing a vehicle or purchasing a new or used one, there are a number of different important factors and details to consider. Aside from deciding whether you want to buy a brand new Honda Accord, a used Honda Civic, or lease a Honda CRV, there’s a lot to think about aside from deciding the make and model of the car you want. Failure to pause and thoroughly think about what kind of vehicle is best for your needs can cost you a lot in the long run, and more than just money!

Not all new and used cars are lemons! There are plenty of award winning cars out there, and knowing what to look for when car shopping can make the entire process easier, faster, and even more affordable. Here are a few traits that all award winning cars have in common.

They’re safe

Safety should be among the most important if not the most important factor to consider when buying a new or used vehicle, and a high level of safety is something that all award winning cars have in common, regardless of make or model. The automotive industry has experienced a surge of technological advances in safety, and today’s cars, both new and used, are safer than ever before. Safety is especially important to consider if you have children or pets that will be riding in the car with you. Remember, a safe car is a great car!

They’re reliable

Some vehicles might have a lower sticker price than others, and you might be tempted to cough up the cash and buy them. However it’s also important to keep the long term cost of ownership in mind. After all, what’s the point of buying a what seems to be an affordably priced vehicle only to experience a number of expensive repairs throughout the time you own it? It’s a much wiser and more economical decision to invest in award winning cars from manufacturer’s that have a reputation for safety. Sure, these cars might have a higher sticker price, but they’re low cost of ownership easily makes them a worthwhile and smart investment.

They’re fuel efficient

Gas guzzling is something that award winning cars simply don’t do. Although the federal government has strict mandates in place that regulate the fuel efficiency of all vehicles out on the road, award winning cars often perform high above these environmentally friendly standards. Some manufacturer’s and models of cars are well known for their fuel efficiency, and investing in one of these models can save you a ton of money in fuel costs. Not only that, but reducing emissions and the dependency on oil helps to protect the environment and its vital natural resources. Toxic vehicle emissions have been directly linked to global warming and the devastation it causes, which is why finding ways to reduce these emissions is so important.