Learn How One Company Makes Vehicles Accessible to Wheelchair Users

Most people do not realize that a car wheelchair lift can be installed in a wide range of trucks and SUVs. Depending on the type of wheelchair for mobility, it does not mean your only driving option is a van. This video from a company that can install a car wheelchair lift in pickups and SUVs is helping people that use wheelchairs drive the vehicles of their choosing.

Video Source

This video shows the viewer how pickups and SUVs can be customized and outfitted with wheelchair lifts. For many people that depend on a wheelchair for mobility being limited to a van limits their lifestyle.

This company is helping people drive the vehicle that they want by making modifications to the vehicle that are pretty amazing. The video walks you through the process of customizing a pickup and an SUV and shows the step-by-step process. It is very interesting to watch as these vehicles are transformed.

You do not have to be in the market for a custom vehicle to enjoy this video. However, if you are wondering if you have to be stuck in a van because of your wheelchair, this video will answer your question. Watch now to learn more about how one company is changing lives.