How Much Money Can You Get For a Junk Car

This video talks about selling a junk car for cash and how much someone can get if he or she chooses to sell a vehicle to a junk car buyer. The amount a vehicle owner can get for a junk car can vary significantly based on several factors. The factor that carries the heaviest amount of weight is the price of scrap steel and what that’s going for at the time of the intended sale.

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Another factor that makes a difference is the weight of the vehicle. The heavier the automobile is, the more money it’s worth.

People who are considering selling junk cars should think about keeping some of the parts for the cars before selling them. They do not have to give up their entire vehicles. Instead, they could keep some separate items such as tires and wheels if their independent sales might be more beneficial for them. That’s a smart tactic for maximizing money as much as possible. In some cases, a person can get as much as $50 per tire just because the tires have a significant amount of tread left on them. Sometimes, that high per-tire rate is a huge jump from what the person would have gotten for selling the whole car to a junk car buyer.