The 5 Advantages to Using Spray On Bedliners for Your Truck

Spray bed liner

Trucks are very popular vehicles in the United States. Nearly 1.6 million pickup trucks were bought in 2012. In August 2015, their sales increased by about 8%. If you own a truck, you may have given some thoughts to the best way to protect your truck bed. You have several options for doing this. All will lengthen the lifespan of your truck bed and decrease the amount of money you have to spend on maintenance. The various truck bed liner options are: spray on bedliners, drop-in bedliners and carpet liners. There are some real advantages to applying a spray bedliner and using wire tape.

Reasons to Consider Using a Spray On Bedliner for Your Truck:

  1. Spray on bedliners do not move. Other kinds of truck bedliners will often shift and move over time. Even if you have a bedliner that has been custom made just for your truck, this will happen after a period of time. This can cause a host of problems that go well beyond being annoying, although it is really annoying when this happens. When the truck bedliner moves, the truck bed itself is exposes to the elements. This means the exposed areas can be scratched or damaged in other ways. That makes sense. When the bedilner is moved, the exposed areas are no longer protected. Spray on liners cannot move because they are applied directly to the truck bed.
  2. All sizes of trucks can be protected. Unlike other kinds of bedliners, the spray on bedliners fit trucks of any and all sizes. Drop-in liners and carpet liners are only manufactured for certain sizes of trucks. This means that if you have an older model or a unique truck, you may only be able to use spray on bedliners for your truck. The beauty though is that when you use a spray on kit with wire tape, you get the exact protection you want for any size, make and model of truck.
  3. You get more complete and air tight coverage. Out of all of the different kinds of truck bedliners, the one that actually offers the most air tight coverage and protection is the spray on kind. There is no space between the truck bed and the bedliner so the protection is complete. There is a space between the other kinds of liners and the truck bed into which moisture can seep. This can cause a lot of damage to the truck bed, which is exactly what you are trying to prevent. Also, the bedliners themselves can become cracked or otherwise damaged. Any tears or cracks in the liner can expose the truck bed to moisture causing it to rust. When you use a spray on bedliner cut with wire tape, you avoid these problems and get better protection for your truck.
  4. Spray on bedliners look better. You have more options for how your spray on liners than with the carpet bedliners or drop in bedliners. WIth the other two kinds of bedliners, there is generally one color available and that is black. With spray on liners, you can get a number of colors and therefore can make your bedliner match your truck’s color better. This can make for a much more attractive truck bed.
  5. You need much less maintenance with spray on liners. This is a big selling point for a lot of people. After you have applied your spray on liner and used the wire tape to make it all just perfect, you really do not have to give your bedliner another thought until you want to redo it. With the drop in liners or the custom liners, you have to always be on the lookout for any dust, dirt or moisture that can accumulate between the truck bed and the liner. This is not an issue with the spray on liners.

Spray on liners offer a lot more in the way of protection for most truck beds. Before you apply them, you need to clean out your truck bed and make sure there is no rust or residue from old paint. That is the only real issue you may experience when you use spray on bedliners for your truck.