Want to Keep Your Mercedes Looking and Running Great? Try These Tips

Mercedes benz aftermarket parts

You’ve got a genuine Mercedes Benz, and it’s like your baby. It’s a beautiful piece of machinery, and you want to keep your Mercedes in top condition for as long as you possibly can. There’s only one issue: how exactly do you do that? You know the basics of car maintenance, but not really any of the specifics. Should you order parts online, or in the store? How do you even know what parts to order? How do you keep the paint looking good? Here are some of the basics of Mercedes Benz service:
How do I know which Mercedes parts to get? It is much easier for a consumer to buy parts, particularly Mercedes Benz replacement parts, than it used to be. A lot of the more modern systems, such as barcoding and the numbering of parts have made it so buyers know exactly what part they need. You can easily find the right part number either in the manual for the car or on the manufacturer website. However, it’s still a smart move to get in contact with one of the Mercedes dealerships to confirm that you have the right number before you complete your purchase.
Should I buy parts online, or in the store? If you’re not in any rush for the part, it’s typically cheaper to purchase a part online. A trim piece, for example, may only cost $5 to make, but a retail store may sell it for a 5,000% premium. But if you need the part for your Mercedes right away or don’t want to wait for shipping, the store is certainly a valid option.
How can I keep the paint looking good? The easiest way to keep your Mercedes’ paint job looking as good as the day you bought it is to regularly wash and wax it. This will prevent dirt and road chemicals from damaging the paint. This is especially important in areas with a lot of snow, as road salt can do a lot of damage to a car’s paint. If you just put a finish on it, run a clean hand over the surface. The goal is to get it feeling as smooth as glass.
What are some other tips for keeping Benz cars running smoothly? The best thing to do is give it some regular maintenance. Rotate and balance your tires every six months or so. Check the washer fluid, oil, and coolant levels at least once a week, and your brake, transmission, and power steering levels once a month. The owner’s manual will recommend what fluids to use, and it’s best to stick as closely to that list as possible.