The Cobra Kit Take Your Hobby on the Road

While you may have thought about buying a Shelby AC Cobra, I bet you never knew you could build your own. While an original Cobra model can cost upward of a million dollars, the hobby car enthusiast may not be willing to fork over that much hard-earned dough. Enter the AC Cobra Kit, a build-it-yourself replica car kit that allows the hobbyist to hit the road and track in a custom roadster sure to turn heads.

There’s nothing more rewarding than building a car with your own two hands, but the average hobbyist may find it difficult to ensure the right parts are built, especially with an older model like the Shelby Cobra. With the Cobra Coupe reaching speeds up to 186 miles per hour back in 1964, you want to be sure that your car won’t fall apart on the road and track while driving it. With a kit car, you’re ensured the correct pieces since the automobile parts will be sent right from the manufacturer. Additionally, these kits can differ in levels of completeness: while one car might contain an entire set, another may only contain upgrade parts or a reference book. It all boils down to what the individual needs, but with so much variation available, you’re sure to get the best cobra car kit to suit your style.

When you begin to build your replica, it’s important to note the nuances of the car you’re building before you hit the road and track. Some roadsters weigh nearly 3,400 pounds, but a Shelby Cobra is famous for weighing much less. In fact, the 1990 Lightweight Cobra was only 2,360 pounds and weigh practically 500 pounds less than your average Corvette — just be careful not to blow away when you’re blowing the minds of spectators. And trust me, people will look; with only 538 Mark II models out there, your replica will certainly stand out among the stream of minivans and trucks plaguing your hometown streets.

Taking it on the track is another matter. Average races have a range of distances, running for only half a mile to up to 2.5 miles long. The light weight and powerful RPM you’ll get from a cobra kit will leave competitors in the dust. On top of that, you’ll get the fuzzy feeling of having built one of the best cars in performance driving with your own two hands.

Even though you’ll feel good from showing off your new ride, there’s nothing quite like taking your replica Cobra on the road and track. Enjoy the ride and know that your authentic replication offers the best in performance driving for a custom roadster.