I Did It Myself with Hyundai Touch Up Paint–and So Can You

At one time or another, it happens: you come out of the store to the parking lot only to find a big scratch on your car. This happened to me–for a second time–recently. From that first moment on with the first scratch, I was in the market for Hyundai touch up paint. I went to an auto body shop. For the second scratch, I did it myself. here are some reasons why I opted for a do-it-yourself automotive touch up on my car instead of a professional job.

With a value of $42 billion, the auto body industry is big business. Bigger than my scratch requires. I learned from my first experience looking for prices on repairs with Hyundai touch up paint that it can be expensive to repair a paint scratch on a car. Last time I had a scratch situation, I found out that the cost for an automotive touch up, which ranges according the how bad the damage is, can go anywhere from $300 to $3000. Since my new scratch wasn’t incredibly deep, I opted to do it myself. Buying Hyundai touch up paint was a lot cheaper than taking my car to a shop.

First question? Naturally, I wondered where to go to find a paint touch up kit. I was pleased to find out that there are readily available. It is actually not at all hard to find automotive touch up paint, it is available virtually everywhere.

But when buying vehicle touch up paint, the second question comes to mind: you might wonder how do you actually know the difference between Hyundai touch up paint and Volvo touch up paint? Or how do you compare the shade of white in Kia touch up paint versus Chevy touch up paint? You want a good match with your touch up paint, not a patch job. The answer: start with the manufacturer of your car and the information all stems from there.

To sum up, since scratched paint or keying are the reasons for 52% of all car damage (as reported by a Direct Line survey recently), it is likely that at some point you will have to deal with an automotive touch up on your vehicle, like I did on my quest for Hyundai touch up paint.

If your scratch is super deep, or there is more damage, you may need an insurance claim. But if not, you may be able to travel the do-it-yourself route like I did. Not only will you have the satisfaction of saying: “I did it myself–no sweat”, but the money you saved will be in your pocket, right where it belongs.