The Preventive Maintenance Drivers Ed Instructors Recommend

Driving instructors perform many tasks. They assume the huge responsibility of preparing learners to drive automobiles competently and safely. Since unsafe drivers could cause much damage and even fatalities, the role of driver’s ed instructors cannot be taken for granted. In addition to teaching students what they need to know to become good drivers, instructors also offer training on the parts and vehicle functions, road regulations, and basic car maintenance. To help learners avoid expensive major repairs, instructors will also teach preventative maintenance. Read on to find out six preventive maintenance drivers ed instructors recommend.

Know of a Good Lawyer

Even when you’ve been trained to be the safest driver, there’s always a chance that you might get involved in a car accident. Since not all drivers go through proper training, you’ll most likely encounter incompetent motorists that will make you get involved in a collision for which you’re not at fault.

Car accidents have many complicated consequences. Your car could get extensively damaged, you could get injured, or other people, including pedestrians and other motorists, could also get injured. Some accidents could also cause fatalities.

When you’re involved in an accident that was caused by another driver, you need to consult a car accident law firm as quickly as possible. Without legal representation, you might not know the compensation that you qualify for if you suffered injuries or had your car damaged. A good lawyer will direct you on the steps to take to make sure that the driver at fault compensates for the damages you suffered.

While you could fight for your rights after an auto accident, it’s important to remember that you’ll be dealing with insurance companies who might wish to either deny you any compensation or reduce the amount they pay you. Having a competent auto injury attorney by your side ensures that you get the full compensation due.

When a lawyer leads the negotiations with the at-fault driver or insurance company, your rights are protected. In situations where negotiations fail, the matter might have to be resolved through a lawsuit and a lawyer will represent you in the courts to ensure that you get fully compensated.

Knowing a good lawyer is preventive maintenance drivers ed instructors recommend and, as a new driver, it’ll give you peace of mind as you know you’ll not be alone should you need to deal with accident claims.

Stay Safe When You See Trucks on the Road

If you drive a small car and are used to roads with plenty of large trucks, you might feel unsafe when you see such vehicles on the road. Your fears are not unfounded – large trucks present potential hazards that you should be wary of and knowing how to act around such vehicles is preventive maintenance drivers ed recommend.

As we’ve noted earlier, you could get involved in a car accident caused by the negligence or mistakes of other drivers. When you’re driving around large trucks, the possibility of an accident is usually high. Many truck drivers cover long distances and hardly get enough rest. Since they’re fatigued, truck drivers are likely to cause accidents and you should be careful whenever you’re around large trucks.

When you look at the size of a truck and also consider that it could be carrying a heavy load, you appreciate that such a vehicle would be harder to stop in an emergency. If you drive too close to a truck, the chances of getting involved in an accident increase tremendously as, unlike a small car, the truck’s braking distance is longer.

To stay safe when you see trucks on the road, you must practice defensive driving. You must not assume that the other drivers are as competent as you are and preparing for the unexpected is preventive maintenance drivers ed recommend.

To keep safe, it’s also advisable to keep an adequate distance between your car and the truck. Some of the automobiles you might have to share the road with are semi truck towing service vehicles which are so large and heavy that they would cause incomprehensible damage if they touched a small vehicle.

Whatever you do, you must avoid distractions on the road. Sending text messages, communicating with friends on social media, and talking on your mobile phone while driving could prove fatal and your semi accident lawyer might be unable to help you if you got into a collision that leads to loss of lives.

Go Electric

One of the most important preventive maintenance drivers ed recommendations that you should consider as a new driver is to opt for an electric car over a traditional gasoline-powered vehicle.

Electric vehicles have many advanced safety features. First, since they are powered by electricity, electric cars are much safer than gasoline-fueled ones. When you operate the latter, you do not only pollute the environment but, in the event of a collision, you risk igniting the fuel and starting a fire.

Running an electric vehicle is also desirable preventive maintenance drivers ed recommends because these vehicles are easier to control in an emergency. A distinctive feature of electric cars that makes them safe is that they come fitted with automatic emergency braking

. This feature helps detect when an accident is likely to occur and automatically applies brakes. The auto braking mechanism could prevent a collision or make it less severe.

An electric car could also help you in situations where accidents are caused by human error. If, for instance, you’re driving when exhausted or feeling drowsy, you might fail to stick to your lane thereby increasing the possibility of an accident. If you’re driving an electric car, its lane departure warning could alert you that you’re going off your lane thereby preventing an accident.

Should you find yourself in a dangerous situation from which you need to escape fast, an electric car will serve you better than a traditional one. Unlike gasoline-fueled cars that take time to deliver their complete power output, an electric car can accelerate from a standstill to over 60 miles an hour in a few seconds. If you were cornered by a dangerously-driven car, this is the kind of speed you need to drive yourself to safety.

Charging your electric today is much easier than was the case a few years ago. Regardless of the state you live in, today you have access to many electric vehicle charging stations to help you charge your auto battery whenever the need arises.

Drive a Car You’re Comfortable With

The level of comfort you enjoy when driving is directly related to your ability to drive safely. If you choose a car that you’re not comfortable driving, you’ll get physically and mentally exhausted, increasing your chances of getting involved in an accident. Car comfort is crucial preventive maintenance drivers ed recommend because it helps keep the roads safe for all road users.

When you think about physical comfort, you want to drive a car that has adequate space and ergonomic seats. If you sit cramped in a car, you risk suffering from stiff joints and lower back pain. When you’re not comfortable, you’ll get easily fatigued and you’ll be exposing yourself and other road users to a collision.

Should you drive a car in which you can’t properly see the road because the mirrors are improperly positioned, you could suffer from eye strain. If you’re driving in the rain or other adverse weather conditions, you’ll lack the control you need to drive safely.

Your car won’t be comfortable if it rattles and shakes. Unfortunately, you can’t keep the car free from distracting noises if it’s not properly maintained. If you have worn-out or low-quality tires, expect them to make the car unstable. The car will also be uncomfortable if the doors are not properly insulated making them prone to disturbing vibrations. Your car’s exhaust could also cause you anguish if it makes loud noises.

If you spend many hours driving, it’s important to keep the car as comfortable as any other space you spend a lot of time in. You might therefore consider investing in a good stereo system. If your car has Bluetooth, you could enjoy music from your smartphone. Keeping the car permanently clean will also make it comfortable and the least you could do is have a vacuum handy for regular cleaning.

While you could improve the car you currently use to make it as comfortable as possible, you could also visit a recreational vehicle sale site to look for a vehicle that you’ll be comfortable driving.

Look for Deals

Regardless of the condition of your motor vehicle, the time will come when you’ll need to get some repairs done. A crucial preventive maintenance drivers ed recommendation is to look for deals that could help you lower the cost of the repairs. The need for deals is especially crucial if your automobile is a recreation vehicle because, unlike other automobiles, RVs could call for extensive and costly repairs.

To help you appreciate the importance of deals when you’re considering contacting rv dealers, imagine a situation where your RV breaks down when you’re camping far away from home.

Since you might not have access to your regular rv engine repair service, you might have no choice but go online in search of a competent service provider nearby. While a Google search could help, you might also consider seeking the help of fellow campers or the campsite’s management. The latter could be happy to recommend a competent service provider who might have served other campers in the past.

RV classes vary widely and the kind you choose should ultimately be determined by your unique needs. Are you, for instance, looking for a motorhome, a travel trailer, or a truck camper? When you’re in the market for any kind of RV, what you need to remember is that these products depreciate quickly. What this means is that the price of an RV that’s about two years old and in great condition could be a fraction of the price of a new RV.

While you could get a great discount by comparing the prices of several rv dealers, you should consider joining an online forum of RV enthusiasts. These forums have experienced people who are ready and willing to offer priceless deal advice to members of their groups.

Invest in Repairs

The ultimate aim of preventative maintenance is to keep your car in good condition and to help you avoid premature breakdown or expensive replacement. One of the greatest preventative maintenance drivers ed recommendations is to invest in regular repairs.

Perhaps the main reason why repairs are preventive maintenance drivers ed recommend is the fact that they help increase your car’s lifespan. When a car, or any other asset is kept in a great state of repair, it runs longer with fewer problems and will save you money in the long run. Repairs usually mean that you’ll get aware of a minor problem before it becomes a huge one and the amount you pay for early remedies is usually a fraction of the price you’d pay much later.

Investing in repairs is preventive maintenance that drivers ed recommends because it also helps in increasing automobile efficiency. When you have the car’s engine repaired at the right time, your car’s operating and fuel efficiency improve, saving you much money in the long run.

The car’s AC could be prone to many problems. It could, for instance, have electrical issues that hinder the perfect working of the car. As a result of exposure to excessive heat, some parts of the AC system could wear out. Unless you invest in ac repairs, the car will not function optimally.

Whenever you take your car for repairs, it helps to find out if there are parts or components that you could resell or recycle. If you have a battery that you no longer use, you might consider battery recycling.

By recycling your battery, you reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. Moreover, recycling usually means that the harmful chemicals in the batteries do not reach the environment and that any useful parts are recovered and used for future production. The availability of recycled batteries also means that the prices of new batteries will keep falling.

The preventive maintenance drivers ed measures we have highlighted could help you enjoy motoring safely. Moreover, by observing these measures, you’ll reduce the cost of running your automobile and help conserve the environment.