Underrated Aesthetic Upgrades That JDM Cars Need

  • Upgrading wheels and tires enhances a JDM car’s appearance and complements its lines.
  • Installing aftermarket exterior lighting improves visibility and adds a unique look to your ride.
  • Tasteful body kits provide an aggressive stance and improve the aerodynamic performance of your car.
  • Powder coating offers a durable, customizable finish for wheels, engine components, and more.
  • Interior accessories like shift knobs, steering wheels, seats, and floor mats personalize and enhance the driving experience.

JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) cars are known for their performance and reliability, but sometimes they lack in the aesthetic department. While many enthusiasts focus on upgrading the engine and suspension components, there are some underrated aesthetic upgrades that can really make a JDM car stand out from the crowd. This blog will explore a few aesthetic upgrades that JDM cars need to take their appearance to the next level.

Wheels and Tires

One of the most noticeable changes you can make to a JDM car is upgrading the wheels and tires. By choosing a set of aftermarket wheels that complement the lines of your vehicle and pairing them with high-performance tires, you can instantly enhance the overall look of your car. Whether you prefer a classic five-spoke design or a more modern mesh pattern, new wheels can completely transform the appearance of your JDM car.

Exterior Lighting

Another underrated upgrade for JDM cars is upgrading the exterior lighting. Installing aftermarket headlights, taillights, and fog lights can not only improve visibility and safety but also give your vehicle a unique look. Consider upgrading to LED or HID bulbs for better illumination and a modern aesthetic. You can also add accent lighting such as underglow or interior LED strips to further customize your ride.

Body Kits

While body kits may be considered controversial in some automotive circles, when done tastefully, they can really enhance the appearance of a JDM car. Whether you opt for a subtle lip spoiler or a complete widebody kit, adding aerodynamic enhancements can give your vehicle a more aggressive stance and improve its overall performance. Just be sure to choose a body kit that complements the lines of your specific make and model. Additionally, consider investing in high-quality materials and professional installation to ensure a seamless look.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a process where a dry powdered paint is applied to a surface and then cured under heat, creating a durable and highly customizable finish. This is an excellent option for JDM car owners looking to add color and uniqueness to their vehicles. You can powder coat your wheels, engine components, or even the entire body of your car for a one-of-a-kind look. Plus, powder coating is more resistant to chips and scratches compared to traditional paint.

Interior Accessories

Don’t neglect the interior of your JDM car when it comes to aesthetics upgrades! These can significantly elevate the driving experience and make your vehicle stand out. Here are four must-have interior accessories for any JDM enthusiast:

Shift Knob

Swap out the stock shift knob for a stylish and ergonomic one, such as a weighted metal or carbon fiber option. Not only will it improve the feel of shifting gears, but it will also add a touch of personalization to your car’s interior.

Steering Wheel

Upgrade to a performance steering wheel for improved grip and control while driving. Many aftermarket options also feature unique designs and materials that can enhance the overall look of your car’s interior. You can also add a quick-release hub for added convenience and security.


Replace your stock seats with sportier and more supportive bucket seats. These not only look great but also provide a more comfortable and secure driving experience. Choose from a variety of materials and colors to match your personal style.

Floor Mats

Custom floor mats can add a pop of color or design to your car’s interior while also protecting the original flooring from wear and tear. You can even opt for heavy-duty all-weather mats for added durability. You can also find mats with JDM-inspired designs to showcase your love for the culture.

These interior accessories not only add style and personalization to your JDM car but also improve the overall driving experience. Don’t overlook the interior when it comes to upgrades and modifications!

Enhancing the aesthetics of your JDM car with upgrades like new wheels and tires, exterior lighting, body kits, powder coating, and interior accessories can make a significant impact. These modifications not only boost the visual appeal but also add a personal touch to your vehicle. By investing in these underrated upgrades, you can ensure your JDM car stands out and truly reflects your style and passion for the JDM culture.