What to Expect From an Auto Glass Replacement

Are you wondering what you can expect from an auto glass replacement? Leaving a small chip can turn into a bigger crack that would force you to replace the entire glass with a new one. As you already know, repairing an old glass is likely to cost you even more. To avoid this situation, you need to visit a glass repair center.

Video Source

Keep reading, as you’re about to find out what to expect when you take your car in for a glass replacement.

James from Safeline Autoglass takes a client through the glass replacement process. He starts by introducing the process and then shows how they remove moisture and dirt. Next, James demonstrates the installation of the resin capsule. Applying pressure to the window takes about three minutes. Then he shows how they fill the crack to ensure the glass is properly repaired. Once the glass is replaced, James hands over the keys to the client, assuring her that she is free to wash and drive the vehicle. At the end of the video, James requests the client to participate in a short survey, to which she agrees.

For more information on auto glass replacement, watch the video above!.