Which Steel Distributor Gear is Best for You?

What’s the best way to select steel distributor gear? Well, each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. It’s important to select one based on your engine and your needs. Here are some small tips on selecting the best distributor for you!

Hardened steel distributor gears are stronger and harder than bronze, silver, or polymer distributor gears. They are typically designed for factory engines and used by OEMs.

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They are oftentimes designed with a longer lifespan in mind due to their hardness, making them a worthwhile investment.

Composite distributor gears on the other hand are very different. They are a little more durable because they are made from a very strong polymer material. This makes them more flexible than other gear options. Due to this, they are also very light in weight and sometimes cheaper than their harder, metal-based counterparts.

Overall, it’s best to know about each distributor’s gear before selecting one. Each gear has different types of properties that may or may not be beneficial, depending on what you are trying to achieve with them. For more information, including details about bronze and cast iron distributor gears, check out the video on this page.