Essential Information About Garage Door Hinges and How They Function

It is very important to understand how garage door hinges work. While all models might appear identical at first glance, they are not all the same. In this video, you’ll see how garage door hinges are numbered, including the gauges, and where each of these hinges goes depending on the number.

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Having this information will be essential while performing routine garage door maintenance.

The major things to look out for are the numbers, including the hinge number and the gauge number. When inspecting the hinge numbers, the bigger the number, the higher up it goes on the garage door. On the other hand, for the gauge numbers, the bigger it is, the smaller the thickness of the steel. Garage door hinges are made and installed this way because it helps to keep the door sections tight against the jam as the door rolls up.

Opt for hinges with slimmer steel if you’re installing your garage door for heavy-duty usage, and use thicker steel instead for residential buildings. If there’s a living area right above the garage, quiet hinges are your go-to.

Stick around till the end of this video to find out all the information that you need for your garage door installation.