Why More Americans Are Making The Switch From Gasoline To Diesel

Diesel engine injectors

Fuel runs the world. Since it’s such an important part of our everyday lives, it makes sense to try and make it stretch as far as possible. Diesel fuel has quickly replaced conventional gasoline as the best of both worlds, allowing drivers to stay green while still providing superior quality for longer. Taking care of your diesel engine, however, requires some special knowledge. Looking at your injector torque specs and buying a quality 03 Cummins injector will help immensely with helping you and your car drive smoothly for years to come.

Do Americans Prefer Diesel Cars?

In a short? Absolutely. While the numbers are still growing, there is a wealth of potential for diesel cars to take over as one of the primary options in the United States. The year 2014 saw American consumers purchasing an impressive 489,000 clean diesel cars, cementing it as an environmentally-friendly model that could even give alternative driving models competition. The same year saw VW, in particular, accounting for half of all diesel car sales. But what makes Diesel so special, anyway, and why should you consider making the switch?

What Makes Diesel Special?

The best thing about diesel is how efficient it is. The diesel engine design was originally patented 125 years ago by German inventor Rudolf Diesel. This engine would proceed to break new ground for drivers many decades later, preferred even in the modern day with new engineering feats conducted on a yearly basis. Diesel fuel is at least 25% more energy rich than gasoline, with some studies even suggesting 30%. Overall, cars equipped with diesel engines are 40% more efficient than their gasoline counterparts and do wonders for saving you money while delivering consistent quality.

Why Should I Look Into Injector Torque Specs?

The most important thing you’ll need to keep in mind when committing to a diesel engine is the work it takes to maintain it. It’s not as complicated as it sounds, but since diesel engines are a touch more robust than their gasoline counterparts they require more maintenance to keep their famous quality level consistent. Injector torque specs are provided by your manufacturer and should be considered your ultimate handbook. Do you get 2003 Duramax injectors? How about a 2003 Dodge Cummins injector replacement? Glance at your guidebook and make sure you don’t waste money on your journey to save money.

How Do I Use And Maintain My Injectors?

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll keep both your equipment and your engine happy. There are two significant deposit types that can cause your injectors to fail. Both external and internal deposits are caused by gradual build-up, leaving grimy residue that’ll have you spending excess cash when you need it least. When you get a 6.0 Powerstroke injector replacement or 7.3 injectors, treat them well! As for temperature, keep your injection pressures at 30,000 PSI. This will create a fine mist of fuel that’s perfect for a much more complete burning. Overall? The lifespan of diesel fuel can go year-round when kept at 68 degrees ambient temperature.

Should I Use Diesel Fuel?

Do you drive a lot? Are you interested in saving money? Have you considered the different ways you can contribute to a more eco-friendly travel model? All these questions and more will help you decide whether or not you want to make the transition from gasoline to diesel. Although diesel fuel sales only added up to 3% of total purchases back in 2012, this number is actually expected to double by 2018. Once you get the hang of injector torque specs and aftermarket diesel injectors, you’ll be well on your way to having the best of all worlds.


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