Best Practice for Owning a Jeep Wrangler

Did you just buy a new Jeep Wrangler? If so, congrats! These fun and durable little vehicles have been the joy of many people over the years. They provide a broad array of different riding experiences, including everything from on-road sanity to off-road excitement and thrills!

Thankfully, we have many tips for new Jeep Wrangler owners that can help you out! These tips help you not only transition to the “Jeep Lifestyle” but teach you how to spot problems with your Wrangler as you ride. We promise both fun and education on this list: and who can ask for anything more?

Master the Jeep Wave

Not all of our tips for new Jeep Wrangler owners will be incredibly serious. However, this step is vital if you’re getting behind the wheel of a Jeep for the first time. When you’re riding, you’re going to see a lot of fellow Jeep drivers giving you a friendly wave as you ride.

These people aren’t just waving to be friendly. Instead, they’re engaging in a tradition known as the Jeep Wave. Nobody knows quite sure when this started. Some say it was at the dawn of man when the first Jeep roared its way out of the primordial ooze. In any case, the Jeep Wave is as established as the Harley Wave.

So, go ahead and wave back at the silly folks waving at you. It might seem goofy at first, but you’ll quickly start to feel like part of a community. You’ll find yourself waving at Jeep riders before they even wave, even at mini-vans which, while efficient, aren’t exactly excellent.

You’ll then likely find yourself talking with Jeep owners you feel at stores or restaurants, sharing off-road stories about your new Wrangler. So while not essential, these tips for new Jeep Wrangler owners help make your transition more fun and enjoyable for you and those around you.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Off-Road

Next on our list of tips for new Jeep Wrangler owners is to take your ride off-road from time to time! Jeeps are made to get dirty and go off the rarely (if ever) traveled path. Practice your skills at first, if you feel uncomfortable, choosing a few simple areas without significant dips and hills.

Always bring along a second person with you, as well, to minimize any potential dangers. For example, if you (heaven forbid) flip the Jeep and get knocked unconscious, the second person may stay awake and call help to get you out of there and keep you safe.

If you do get off-road, make sure you watch for the dreaded “Death Wobble.” What does this terrifying term mean? In essence, when you drive too fast in your Wrangler, you might notice it starts to wobble a little. You shouldn’t experience this problem for several years if you just bought your Wrangler.

But if you do start to notice it, particularly when you’re off-road, you’re going to be in a potentially big world of hurt. That’s because this wobble makes your vehicle more likely to turn over. So repair it immediately (usually the front suspension) to ensure that you don’t get hurt here.

Of all our tips for new Jeep Wrangler owners, this one may be the most important. There’s no reason to risk it if you feel like your car is experiencing the Death Wobble. While you can probably safely drive it for a while, your risk of tipping over is so much higher and your life at risk.

If you don’t fix it and cause an accident, you’ll need to work with a car accident lawyer you can trust to help you out. Lawsuits about this situation won’t go well for you. Death Wobble crashes will be considered neglect on your part and result in liability falling on your shoulders.

Consider Adding Fun Mods

Many of our tips for new Jeep Wrangler owners require a careful approach and focus on improving your vehicle’s operation. This step is just a great way to personalize your car and have a lot of fun! Mods and modules help to make your Jeep more exciting and fun whenever you hit the road.

Thankfully, many modes can help you out in this situation. You can find many at an auto body repair shop for your Jeep. Or you can identify them online and get them shipped directly to you. If you feel comfortable with these steps, you can add many great new mods to your Jeep:

  • Fun and Decorative Decals — Jeep produces many pleasure and funny decals you can put on your Wrangler. Find some that suit your personality and your tastes and add them to your vehicle. You’ll be surprised just how much fun and enjoyment these simple stickers will bring to you.
  • Comfy Seat Covers — Jeep Wrangler seats are mostly relatively comfortable but could use a minor modification. Many Jeep seat covers include padding that makes them more comfortable and enjoyable. Try this option if your Jeep starts to wear you out after a few hours off-road.
  • Off-Road Wheels — Let’s be honest. You’re going off-road with your Jeep. Few who own one can resist this urge. So why not install a new set of off-road wheels? These wheels have an extra gripping surface and help to make your trip more enjoyable and fascinating as you ride.
  • Better Grab Handles — Good vehicles have an “oh, crap!” handle you can grip when the riding gets a little too rough. Jeep Wranglers have these, as well, but you can install better handles as well. These help you get in and out of the Jeep and keep you in place during some pretty wild turns and jumps.
  • Entry Protection Guards — Getting in and out of a Jeep when off-road can become exhausting to your vehicle’s entry after a while. Install guards that help to protect your body and minimize wear and tear. Aluminum and stainless steel guards help to protect it from various wearing issues.
  • LED Lights — If your state allows their use (some do not), you might want to install LED headlights on your Jeep. Doing so helps to increase your light output and makes your off-roading more fun. Avoid using your brights when on the road to avoid causing temporary blinding in other drivers.
  • Consider a Soft Top — Many Jeep owners keep a hardtop on their vehicle to keep it safer. This option is excellent if you have a family and want to avoid hurting them. However, you can put on a soft top if you plan on going off-road and likely only use your Wrangler for these fun excursions.
  • Improved Hoods — A great hood latch and hood provide many benefits for a Jeep Wrangler owner. Installing new ones helps to keep your hood protected during off-road fun. It also minimizes the risk of exposing your engine to any dirt or decay if you ever end up in a scary off-road situation.
  • Stylish New Bumpers — Your Jeep Wrangler’s bumpers are probably acceptable. You can get around with them and feel safe. But you need high-quality off-road bumpers! These help to keep you fully protected from those times when you get a little too wild when you’re off the road and having fun.
  • Better Floor Liners — As an off-road vehicle, your Wrangler is going to see some dirt, mud, and debris. However, your floor doesn’t have to be dirty if you put in better liners. These liners help keep your vehicle’s interior clean when you need to use it for “normal” driving.

If you don’t feel like you can handle these steps, there are many things you can do instead. First, call a Jeep repair company that can perform them for you. These professionals will carefully identify the best mods and put them on your Jeep to ensure that it operates smoothly and efficiently.

Or you can work with a used car dealership that also understands these steps. These professionals likely work with other types of cars and understand mods. They may even show you older vehicles that you can use as a basis for your modding. Whatever your choice, make sure you have fun!

Know When You Need a Mechanic

Do you know how to fix a Jeep? If you’re a new Jeep Wrangler owner, probably not. It’s not that much different from a standard vehicle. However, of all our tips for new Jeep Wrangler owners, this might be the most important. You need to work with a Jeep dealer and unique mechanic whenever possible.

First, contact auto dent removal when you see any minor imperfects. Even a small dent can lead to rust and other long-term issues. Just as importantly, fix any obvious problems that may develop on your Jeep, keeping them healthy and secure and minimizing any potentially problematic issues.

You also need to consider towing services if you ever end up getting stuck in the middle of nowhere while riding. While that might seem ridiculous, it happens to many off-roading Jeep owners. At the same time, it might seem like part of the fun, walking hours to find the nearest phone won’t be a great job.

Don’t forget to visit a car detailing shop from time to time to keep your ride looking great. These companies not only clean out the inside of your vehicle but make it more attractive. Many Wrangler owners say that it feels just like new when they get this type of upgrade done for their vehicle.

Of all our tips for new Jeep Wrangler owners, this seems like the one most will ignore. After all, many people don’t take their vehicle to the repair shop for ages, assuming it’s okay. But, unfortunately, while your Jeep is strong, it is not immortal. So make sure you get it repaired when it needs it to avoid any problems.

Keep Your Jeep Clean

Last on our list of tips for new Jeep Wrangler owners is to keep it clean. We’re not talking about staying on the road at all times. You can have fun and get it dirty: why else would you own a Jeep? But you can’t let it stay dirty. Otherwise, you might end up with a severe issue with its operation.

First, take your Jeep Wrangler to a manual car wash whenever it gets too dirty. This step might be obvious, but it helps heavily by minimizing your risk of various types of dirt problems. While mudding is a lot of fun, too much mud can wear down your car’s paint and cause damage to its body at the same time.

For example, mud can cause rust and other problems to worsen with time. Mud also has a way of getting inside your vehicle and making it dirty as well. Dirt should stay on the outside of your car and not the inside. Otherwise, it’s going to end up a bit worse for wear.

Just as importantly, make sure you know a car locksmith who can help you if you ever get locked out. It might seem unlikely to you, but getting locked out of your Wrangler when having fun off the road is embarrassing, frustrating, and even potentially dangerous in the right situation.

Also, don’t forget to call a garage door installation service team to keep your storage area fully protected. A new garage door helps to protect your Jeep Wrangler from the prying eyes of the jealous types who would love to get behind the wheel of your Wrangler and make it their own.

If you run into any other Jeep fans, share these cleaning tips for new Jeep Wrangler owners. They may not realize just how tough dirt and mud are for their vehicle. But with a little of help, they can keep their vehicle strong and in great shape for years to come.

These tips for new Jeep Wrangler owners protect you from damaging your vehicle and minimize long-term complications. They also help to ensure that your Jeep looks fabulous and is appropriately used. Of course, you can always use your Wrangler for day-to-day life, such as taking your kids to school or going to work. But a true Jeep owner knows that they can’t help but burn a little off-road mud rubber from time to time.