Why Would a Car Fail Inspection?

Failing any kind of test creates a lot of anxiety in most people, and this can be particularly true when the test is something that is necessary for the legal operation of a motor vehicle. In many states, a car must pass a routine expect from time to time to continue to be certified as safe and legal to drive in that state. It is quite common that people have to take their vehicles in to have this safety check run, and they always want to be sure that their car passes.

You may ask yourself, why would a car fail inspection? There are a multitude of reasons why this could happen. We will look at some of them, and we will also discuss what you can do in the event that your vehicle is the one that fails an inspection.

Engine Issues

One of the most frequently cited reasons for a car inspection comes from the fact that there may be diesel engine parts not functioning properly. In particular, the internal components of the engine may require some routine maintenance to keep them functioning at full capacity. It is not surprising to hear that someone has failed a car inspection because they have not been able to keep the engine parts quite up to shape.

Due to the potentially complex nature of this repair, it is necessary to get an auto body repair shop involved to help fix the issue. They have seasoned professionals who are fully trained on how to get a vehicle back up and running. What they understand are the complex mechanisms that make up a vehicle and how those mechanisms all need to work in a precise order for the vehicle to operate properly. They want to help you understand, why would a car fail inspection?

The best way for them to do this is to literally get in under the hood to exam everything that is going on in there. If you allow them this kind of access, they can easily work at figuring things out for you. The work that they do is not necessarily seen under the category of professional jobs, but it really should be. They are true professionals who have a lot of experience in what they do.

An Accident Leaves Your Car Undriveable

It is entirely possible that you will find that you need a 24 hr towing service to come to your location if you fail a car inspection. It is possible that the inspector will not allow the vehicle to be moved from the spot where it is right now. They may deem that the vehicle is not safe to operate on the roads, and they can insist that you get it towed to somewhere that will be capable of handling it. Thus, you should prepare yourself for the fact that you may have to fork over money both for a towing service to come out to get you as well as for the cost of the repairs themselves when they are done.

It can get expensive in a hurry, and that is why some people start to look at hard and soft money loans as an option in their situation. No one particularly wants to think about having to borrow money just because their vehicle has failed an inspection, but you have to think about why would a car fail inspection and understand that there are multiple ways that this can happen. Therefore, you need to be prepared to deal with it should it come up.

Most of the time, a 24 hr towing service knows why would a car fail inspection because they have likely dealt with it with other customers in the past. They have seen that it is possible for a vehicle to fail an inspection and the owner to need their immediate and emergency assistance. This is why many of these companies both operate 24 hours per day, but also why they often partner with a credit card processing company to allow their customers to make credit card payments towards their towing bills.

It is a fact that not everyone has spare money lying around to handle car emergencies like this. They may be able to pull some money off of a credit card to get it taken care of though. They may want to seek some credit repair services to get their score up high enough to borrow cards with a high enough limit to cover the many reasons why would a car fail inspection and make sure they have enough money to take care of it.

Car Inspections Determine Whether a Car Is Safe to Drive

There is no question that the role of a properly functioning car inspection service is to make sure the vehicle they are looking over is safe to be operated on the open road by the person who brings it in to get inspected. When they consider why would a car fail inspection, they have to look at the individual who is driving the vehicle to see what obstacles they may face in terms of their ability to safely operate the vehicle.

What this means in practice is that someone who has additional barriers between themselves and the safe operation of a motor vehicle may face an additional look-over from the people inspecting the vehicle. That is to say that they won’t necessarily be given the benefit of the doubt that they know what they are doing and how to do it. Sometimes, it is necessary for factors such as the fact that someone wears hearing aids to be taken into account. One person may need more aspects of their vehicle inspected than others or for particular aspects of a vehicle to be added for additional mobility.

Regulations On Emissions

Certain states require regular emissions testing on all vehicles that operate within their borders. They insist that people do this because they want to try to protect the environment as best as possible. Emissions testing encourages people to keep their vehicles compliant with these laws or else pay a fine. As such, emissions testing is a major reason why a car might fail an inspection.

If the vehicle is older, it is even more likely to not have the proper components necessary to keep the emissions within the state-required limits for all vehicles on the road. Thus, it is necessary for anyone living in a state where regular emissions testing is done to check with their auto body repair shop to see what they can do to alter the vehicle to make it compliant with the law. This is not about manipulating anything; rather, it is about getting within the boundaries of the law as they are drawn up in the state’s records. You definitely want to do this, and you want to show inspectors that you are serious about keeping your equipment protected.

Emissions testing is something that tends to cost a little bit of money to do. This is despite the fact that it is a requirement of the state. As such, you should budget some money each year to take the necessary emissions tests when it comes time for you to do so. It is still a lot cheaper to get your required emissions tests and pass them than it is to deal with getting your vehicle towed out of an inspection shop because it is deemed not safe to drive on the road. You have to weigh the costs against the benefits that you receive from taking good care of your vehicle. In the end, it will be pretty obvious which way you need to go with this.

Hire a Lawyer If an Inspection Fail Is Caused By an Accident That Wasn’t Your Fault

It might be necessary to look at personal injury law and consider hiring a lawyer if you believe that you have been taken advantage of in some way by the individuals who performed the inspection on your vehicle. Most people think of personal injury law as only applying in situations when a person is physically hurt by another, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Your personal injury could be your inability to get to work because your vehicle has been towed away, excessive bills and fines because of a supposed failed inspection, and so much more. They can help fight for you and make sure you are not taken advantage of. They can even help recoup some of the losses that you have sustained because of the bad behavior of others. You can trust in your lawyer to get the job done just right for you, and that is why so many people now see these lawyers as an essential part of what they need to do if their car fails an inspection.

This doesn’t mean that you necessarily run to the nearest phone to call a lawyer just because your vehicle has failed an inspection. The truth is, some vehicles fail inspection some of the time. That said, you might want to keep this in the back of your mind because a lawyer can provide you with a tool in your arsenal that keeps you from paying out for something that wasn’t your fault. You don’t want to pay for someone else’s boat slip cover just because they think that they can take advantage of you. You are smarter than that, and you don’t need to pay out money you don’t have when you did nothing wrong.

Treat Your Vehicle to Routine Maintenance to Avoid Major Issues

The best thing that an individual can do to keep their vehicle protected is performing routine maintenance on it as scheduled. The thing about routine maintenance is that it helps keep the vehicle in tip-top fighting shape at all times. The issue is that a lot of people don’t like to spend any money at all here and now to get this done. This is unfortunate because it turns out that getting those routine maintenance factors taken care of now is a lot less costly than it is to deal with larger issues at the time of an inspection.

You can avoid the worst of what an inspection may cost you if you keep your vehicle up to date on its maintenance needs. You will want to check on the various mileage frames to look at certain elements of your vehicle. Different components tend to burn out at different rates, and you should try to stay on top of which ones need to go in for repair when. If you follow this closely, then you should have far fewer problems at any other point in time. Take the financial hit now so you are not left scrambling trying to put services on a credit card or even some other type of loan.

You don’t want to be in a predicament where your vehicle is kept away from you due to money problems. This only compounds your money problems as you will then be unable to get to work to earn your paycheck. Don’t ever let it get this far; just take care of the routine maintenance procedures as they come up.