How Many Cars Are Typically Parked in the Driveway of Your House?

There have been a number of times when one of your neighbors or friends have commented that your driveway looks like a used car dealership. It is difficult to argue with that comparison. The fact that your teenagers’ friends drive a combination of Dodge cars and many other makes means that you will likely always have a used car dealership look to the driveway in front of your house.

As a mother who is fortunate enough to get to be a stay at home most of the time parent, you love to know that your two daughters are in a safe place. A place where there is always some level of adult supervision. A place where there is always plenty of healthy things to eat and drink. A place where the driveway will likely always have two, three, or four cars driven by teens who do not live in your house.

New and Used Cars Play an Important Role in the Lives of Many Teenagers and Their Families

Food. Cars. Friends. These three things go together whenever teenagers are together. Talk to any group of teenagers, however, and you will quickly find out that there are a number of differences when it comes to the kind of cars that they drive. For instance, some 79 million cars were sold worldwide in 2017. Of those millions, many were for the some of the youngest drivers. And while there are a handful of teens who get the chance to drive a brand new car, there are often a far greater number who are driving a used one.

The latest statistic, in fact, indicates that used cars make up three of every four automotive sales in the U.S. When you realize this, you begin to understand the role that finding a great used car can play in a family. From providing reliable and safe transportation to the decision that many parents make about schedules when it comes to deciding how many cars to own, there are plenty of things that go into the purchase of any car. No matter whose driveway or which street they are parked on.