Maintenance for Your 60 Powerstroke Diesel

A 6.0 power stroke truck is powerful and fun to drive, but it tends to come with a lot of bugs. It struggles more than most in the winter and when it breaks it can be a pain to fix. However, 6.0 powerstroke parts have been improved over the years and it is possible to update your truck for easier maintenance and to boost performance.

There are other things you can do to maintain your 6.0 as well. If you follow these you will avoid making simple mistakes that could lead to major issues down the road.

Avoid Stiction

Stiction is what happens when oil breaks down and carbon deposits build up in the HEUI injector. It can cause misfires in your truck, but there are ways to combat it. You can improve performance and save yourself from frustrating issues by using an oil additive made to combat stiction.

Cool the Turbocharger

When you’re done driving you can give the turbocharger a chance to cool by idling for about 30 seconds before shutting off the engine. This helps keep oil out of the turbocharger and is better for your 6.0 power stroke.

Check Your Glow Plugs Before Winter

Having quality glow plugs
and making sure you test them before the cold of winter sets in will making starting your truck in the cold easier. It’s better to be safe than sorry and thinking ahead can save you a lot of grief.

Don’t Neglect Regular Maintenance

While these trucks require a great deal of special maintenance, especially if they perform regular severe duty tasks, they also need basic maintenance. Don’t get so caught up in all the extras that you forget to stay on top of the basics. Things like oil and filter changes, flushing the engine cooling system, and replacing the engine air filter are all important as well. Also, make sure to check and, if needed, replace any special 6.0 powerstroke parts.

Be in Tune With Your Truck

These high-performance diesel trucks require you to stay in tune with them. They aren’t something you cruise around like a sedan. They take extra work and maintenance, but they’re an awesome ride and they’re worth the work.