The Benefits of Custom Car Flooring

One part of your car that might not think about too often, but which is crucial to your enjoyment of your vehicle, the life of your interior, and even hygiene for you and your family are the floor mats or carpet. Here’s why it might be time to check out CNC cut carpets, a new custom floor mat, or some other kind of new flooring.

You Spend a Lot of Time in Your Vehicle

The average American spends about 87 minutes in their car every day. Our average national commute is 26 minutes, while the worst commutes can take as long as 46. We eat in our cars, talk there, date there, and interact with our family and friends. We rely on our cars to get us to work, to school, to activities, and even for potential emergencies. With all the time we spend in our cars and all the important things that happen there, it should be a nice place. Good cut and sewn carpet or CNC cut floor coverings are a big part of keeping things in good shape.

Our Cars Are Dirty Places

If a car’s carpeting is 10-years-old or more, it’s almost certainly time to consider replacing it. Surveys indicate that 70% of drivers eat or drink in their cars, and studies have shown that the bacteria levels in cars, especially with children, are very high. Even the trunk, where our food typically gets stored after a trip to the supermarket, has bacteria counts of 850! The average car has 17,000 times the bacteria of our homes, according to GAP Environmicrobial Services.

It’s Possible to Get Just the Carpet You Want

Advances in technology mean that getting new auto carpets or mats is far easier today than in the past. There is a custom carpet manufacturer near you who can offer a die cut floor mat, CNC cut flooring, a vinyl trunk mat, or even ultra plush carpet! New flooring can come in any color you want, molded to your floor or cut and sewn to match the original materials.

Other Benefits to Custom Flooring

Not only can you make your vehicle a more hygienic place, get the color and comfort you want, or restore your car to some of its original glory; you can also make your flooring match your needs. You know what your car or truck is getting used for. Do you want something antibacterial or resistant to pet mess and hair? Ultra plush so older family members will be more comfortable for long drives? Soundproofed to make your ride quieter? Getting your own CNC cut flooring allows you to customize your insides to meet your needs.

Floor mats and car carpeting have come a long way since the first cars. Make sure you’re paying attention to your flooring. You’ll make your ride more comfortable, protect your family, and keep the resale value of your vehicle high.