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There Is More to Cars on the Net Than Just Videos

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Do you like to watch classic car videos online? For car lovers, classic car videos are a great way to get your fix, surely, but they are not the only way. The next time you are online, do a search for the following subjects, and you just may find a new outlet for your love for cars.

  • Car Video Games
  • Depending on what you like most about cars, there is most likely a video game for that. Just like cars in general? Then you may like the video game Twisted Metal. You get to drive around in any number of different styles of cars, and you also get to blow each other up.

    Or do you like racing? There are countless racing games out there. You can find a Nascar themed game, or fantasy racing like the classic F-Zero, or the most popular style, street racing. In that format you can find F