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How Ignition Interlock Devices Can Save Lives and Money

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Interlock cup

Every day, 28 people die because of drunk driving. Countless more are injured, even crippled for the rest of their lives. Futures are robbed from people because one person couldn’t be responsible enough to not drive under the influence of alcohol. Annually, crashes relating to alcohol cost more than $59 billion. Families go poor because of them — that’s all money that could have been spent toward education or welfare. Countless people have finally begun to ask: how can we lessen this, or even put a stop to it?
Perhaps one of the newest methods of drunk driving control is what’s known as an “ignition interlock device.” Essentially, it’s a car breathalyzer that must be blown into to allow the vehi


4 Things You Should Know About Car Window Tinting

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Car window tinting

It’s no secret that people love their cars. So much so that many people add custom features to them to personalize and show their style. One of the most common alterations people do to their cars in window tinting. Some films can block up to 99.9% of UV rays. For those who may be considering tinting their car windows, here are a few things you should do before making an appointment.

Find the film darkness you want.
Before you schedule car window tinting services for your vehicle, know exactly what you want your car to look like. Bring a visual with you to provide some insight as to the look you are trying to achieve. Check the car window tinting restrictions within your state to find out exactly how dark you can go.

Get quotes from multiple companies.
Do a price and


Want to Keep Your Mercedes Looking and Running Great? Try These Tips

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Mercedes benz aftermarket parts

You’ve got a genuine Mercedes Benz, and it’s like your baby. It’s a beautiful piece of machinery, and you want to keep your Mercedes in top condition for as long as you possibly can. There’s only one issue: how exactly do you do that? You know the basics of car maintenance, but not really any of the specifics. Should you order parts online, or in the store? How do you even know what parts to order? How do you keep the paint looking good? Here are some of the basics of Mercedes Benz service:
How do I know which Mercedes parts to get? It is much e


The 5 Advantages to Using Spray On Bedliners for Your Truck

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Spray bed liner

Trucks are very popular vehicles in the United States. Nearly 1.6 million pickup trucks were bought in 2012. In August 2015, their sales increased by about 8%. If you own a truck, you may have given some thoughts to the best way to protect your truck bed. You have several options for doing this. All will lengthen the lifespan of your truck bed and decrease the amount of money you have to spend on maintenance. The various truck bed liner options are: spray on bedliners, drop-in bedliners and carpet liners. There are some real advantages to applying a spray bedliner and using wire tape.

Reasons to Consider Using a Spray On Bedliner for Your Truck:

  1. Spray on bedliners do not move. Other kinds of Continue Reading No Comments


Half-Truths and Myths About Mercedes-Benz Services Problems

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Among some car buyers, there’s a persistent myth that Mercedes-Benz vehicles are notoriously tricky and prone to service problems, while genuine Mercedes Benz spare parts are hard to find. One variation of the urban legend extends this problem to all German-made cars, even though that country actually has a reputation for mechanical excellence almost unrivaled anywhere else in the world.
So is it true that Mercedes Benz service and mechanical problems are especially bad? Not at all, and in fact, German cars are prized for their superior engineering. The myth comes from car owners who don’t know very much about how their foreign luxury vehicle actually works. What is true is that many Mercedes-Benz dealers have a reputation for extremely expensive mechanic and Continue Reading No Comments


Charter Bus Travel Is a Perfect Option for Groups of Many Sizes

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Charter bus services

The charter bus is booked for the Somerville, Tennessee, trip. A total of 42 youth and 15 adults will load the motor coach at 7:00 am. With a one hour stop for lunch planned along the way, the group plans to make it all of the way from Omaha, Nebraska, to Jonesboro, Arkansas by 6:30 pm on the first day of travel. The decision to charter a bus played a major part in the scheduling. Traveling together with a professional bus driver allows the adults in the group to create a detailed plan for the high school students traveling to church work camp.
Once they arrive at their destination later Sunday afternoon the group will divide into their devotion groups for both small and large group activities. First thing Monday morning, the Continue Reading No Comments


4 Things You Should Know About Car Interlock Devices

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Car breathalyzer

Did you know that alcohol related crashes cost the U.S. about $59 billion every year? That?s a lot of money, and it doesn?t come close to touching the cost of injury and death. Alcohol related crashes can change lives forever, and can be a big weight on your soul if you?re the one who ends up killing someone?s daughter, husband, grandparent, etc.

If you?ve been arrested for drunk driving, you may want to think of this as a second chance rather than just a punishment. Subsequently, it might be time for you to purchase an interlock device in order to comply with a court order. While this can seem annoying, in reality, it?s amazing that we even have this technology available to us today. This is a way to ensure that you?re always going to be driving safely, not risking the safety of yourself and others –