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4 Benefits of Using a Ranger Motorcycle Lift for All Motorcycle Owners

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If you own a motorcycle, you’re going to need tools so that you can work on it. OEM tools like an OEM tool box, wrench organizer, and all that go inside are smart resources to keep in your garage. The tool that will be most helpful to you, however, it a Ranger Motorcycle Lift. Here’s why.

They are smaller than car lifts
Compared to a car lift, a motorcycle lift is much smaller. It will fit into your garage much easier, or even a large shed. They are also much easier to use because they are smaller.

You can get a closer look
You can see things on your motorcycle much more clearly when you are inspecting it on the lift in the air compared to looking at it when it’s on the ground.

You body won’t have to strain as much
Motorcycle lifts have many advantages for the physical condition of your body. First of all, you won’t have to twist or bend your back when you’re working on your bike, so you physically feel less strain on your muscles and bones. Secondly, you don’t have to worry about getting stain by dust or oil because you don’t have to lie on the ground or concrete to fix a problem.

It’s safer than using other methods to lift the bike
You won’t need a replacement floor jack handle because you don’t need to use a jack with a ranger motorcycle lift. In fact, you shouldn’t use a jack to lift up your motorcycle because it could be potentially dangerous. You won’t have enough weight support when you try to lift the bike with a jack, so it’s much safer to use a motorcycle lift.

Household customers make up 75% of the auto repair industry, making them the largest portion of the mix. This means that you don’t have to be a professional mechanic or work at a fancy body shop to own something like a Ranger Motorcycle Lift. Motorcycle lifts are great for motorcycle owners because they are small, easy to use, safe, and better for the body. Check out our inventory today and get yourself a Ranger Motorcycle Lift.


How Using a Bendpak 4 Post Lift Is Safe

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Anyone that is a car lover or car enthusiast knows how hard it is to protect your vehicle from damage. This includes the obvious collisions out on the open road but it also relates to other scenarios that can easily become a nightmare. For instance, if you fail to use a bendpak 4 post lift when transporting your vehicle then it can lead to utter disaster.

There is no doubt that the average American driver has seen a bendpak 4 post lift at least once in their lifetime. These types of machines are most commonly utilized by dealerships to transport large convoys of new vehicles to their automotive center. This is done because it is one of the safest ways to properly transport and move around vehicles of a large size. Here is why using a bendpak 4 post lift is smart, safe, and secure!

Getting a strut coil spring compressor, a GM torsion bar tool or a door spring compressor from Continue Reading No Comments


The Cobra Kit Take Your Hobby on the Road

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While you may have thought about buying a Shelby AC Cobra, I bet you never knew you could build your own. While an original Cobra model can cost upward of a million dollars, the hobby car enthusiast may not be willing to fork over that much hard-earned dough. Enter the AC Cobra Kit, a build-it-yourself replica car kit that allows the hobbyist to hit the road and track in a custom roadster sure to turn heads.

There’s nothing more rewarding than building a car with your own two hands, but the average hobbyist may find it difficult to ensure the right parts are built, especially with an older model like the Shelby Cobra. With the Cobra Coupe reaching speeds up to 186 miles per hour back in 1964, you want to be sure that your car won’t fall apart on the road and track while driving it. With a kit car, you’re ensured the correct pieces since the automobile parts will be sent right from the manufacture


I Did It Myself with Hyundai Touch Up Paint–and So Can You

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At one time or another, it happens: you come out of the store to the parking lot only to find a big scratch on your car. This happened to me–for a second time–recently. From that first moment on with the first scratch, I was in the market for Hyundai touch up paint. I went to an auto body shop. For the second scratch, I did it myself. here are some reasons why I opted for a do-it-yourself automotive touch up on my car instead of a professional job.

With a value of $42 billion, the auto body industry is big business. Bigger than my scratch requires. I learned from my first experience looking for prices on repairs with Hyundai touch up paint that it can be expensive to repair a paint scratch on a car. Last time I had a scratch situation, I found out that the cost for an automotive touch up, which ranges according the how bad the damage is, can go anywhere from $300 to $3000. Since my new scratch wasn’t incredibly deep, I opted to do it myself. Buying Hyundai touch up paint was a l


4 Steelcraft Truck Accessories You Need Today

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Owning a truck can make life easier for a lot of reasons. Driving in bad weather is usually easier. You don’t have to rent a trailer when you buy furniture. You can tow your boat without needing to borrow a truck from someone else. The truck alone comes in handy, but these truck accessories make it even better.

Steelcraft LED Bull Bar
Steelcraft LED Bull Bars offer the ultimate protection while making your truck look cooler than ever. Bull bars will protect the front end of your truck from minor accidents like hitting an animal or shrubbery when you go off-roading. When you add the LED lights to them, they are even better. They allow you to see much more, which is also great for off-roading.

Steelcraft Bumpers
Steelcraft makes front and back bumpers to offer your truck the ultimate protection. Front bumpers help your truck resist rust and corrosion in all elements, protect your front end from minor collisions, and are extremely durable. Back bumpers also protect against corrosion and rust, as well as protect the rear of your truck from simple mishaps to major catastrophes.

Steelcraft Nerf Bars and Steelcraft Running Boards
While these two products may seem exactly the same, they are actually different. Nerf bars run along the base of the truck and provide stepping points only where they predict someone would place their foot. The rest of the car is round and not made to step on. Running boards, on the other hand, provide a wide board so you can place your foot anywhere on it and still get a good step up into the truck. Either way, they make climbing into your pickup much easier.

In terms of light-duty truck sales, the pickup truck is the second most popular truck. roughly 186,831 units were sold between January 2017 and January 2018. If you’re one of the many who owns a pickup truck, check out some of these Steelcraft truck accessories. Steelcraft LED Bull Bars, bumpers, ner bars, and running boards all make excellent additions to your truck in terms of style and function. Check out our inventory today to get the best accessories for your truck.


Using a Local Limo Rental Service to Get Guests to Your Event in Luxury

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When you are organizing any kind of event, all of the little things need to work together to make things a success. Planning an event of any kind, whether it is a party with family or friends or a big corporate do for your company, requires meticulous preparation and flawless execution if you want everything to go well. One of the things you definitely need to get right is to arrange for the right transportation for your guests. Guests at an event should have an easy passage during which they can be comfortable. They also need to reach the event venue at similar times to make things easier for you. Providing your important guests with a little bit of pampering and luxury while they make their way to the event can be a great idea. This way, they can be in the right frame of mind to enjoy the event to the fullest. You can definitely achieve this by opting for some high-class transportation. Arranging limos for your guests from a local limo rental company can be a great way to do this.


The Benefits of Custom Car Flooring

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One part of your car that might not think about too often, but which is crucial to your enjoyment of your vehicle, the life of your interior, and even hygiene for you and your family are the floor mats or carpet. Here’s why it might be time to check out CNC cut carpets, a new custom floor mat, or some other kind of new flooring.

You Spend a Lot of Time in Your Vehicle

The average American spends about 87 minutes in their car every day. Our average national commute is 26 minutes, while the worst commutes can take as long as 46. We eat in our cars, talk there, date there, and interact with our family and friends. We rely on our cars to get us to work, to school, to activities, and even for potential emergencies. With all the time we spend in our cars and all the important things that happen there, it should be a nice place. Good cut and sewn carpet or CNC cut floor coverings are a big part of keeping things in good shape.

Our Cars Are Dirty Places

If a car’s carpeti


5 Myths About Car Starters That Aren’t Even Remotely True

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A remote car starter can be incredibly advantageous, especially during the summer and winter months when you want to start your car as soon as possible. However, there are a lot of misconceptions about remote car starter installations that may keep some car owners from investing in one of these valuable car accessories.

That being said, here are some of the most common myths about remote car starters officially debunked:

  1. Remote starters are bad for your car. There’s a huge myth circulating that warming up your car before driving away does significant damage to your engine. In reality, the opposite is true. The oil in your car needs time to get back to its normal viscosity for proper function, which it’s only capable of doing if you warm up your vehicle.
  2. A remote starter would void my car’s warranty. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act prevents your warranty from being voided because you’ve had a remote starter installed in your vehicle. Don’t let your car dealer tell you otherwise.
  3. A remote starter is only handy during the winter. Remote starters are useful throughout the year whether it’s winter and you want your car to be warm by the time you get inside or it’s summer and you want your car to be nice and cool. It also comes in handy for warming up your engine at any time of the year for greater engine efficiency.
  4. Remote starters make my car easier to steal. Remote starters don’t automatically unlock your car. Starters only turn your car on. Thieves will still need to get around your car’s security features in order to steal your vehicle. This includes the locks, your security system, and alarm. What’s more, you still need the key to operate your vehicle or else the car will shut off.
  5. I don’t need a remote starter if I park in a garage. Your car can still be cold in the winter and hot in the summer if it doesn’t have time to start up. Remote starters are also good to have when you’re out to eat or out shopping.

Many remote car starters offer drivers the convenience of turning on their vehicles from up to 1,500 feet away. For more information on car starters, security car systems, window tinting, backup cameras, or other types of car accessories, contact Chronos Specialty Auto Works today.


Where You Should Go If You Need A Car Paint Job

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Everything You Need To Know About Car Paint Repair Jobs

    If you are someone (or know someone) who regularly drives on the road, consider the importance of paying close attention while driving. When it comes to the road, accidents are unfortunately very common, so you want to protect your car from damage. Should you get in an accident and need car repairs such as a car paint job, reach out to a car paint shop near you as you want to rectify any damage as soon as possible. Be sure to keep reading below as there is some critical information regarding paint repair jobs.

    1. Recent research shows that a majority of cars are in need of maintenance (such as a car paint job, hail damage or glass repair) so don’t hesitate to visit a car repair center the minute you notice a problem.

    In a recent survey, the research found that an estimated 77% of cars were in need