4 Benefits of Using a Ranger Motorcycle Lift for All Motorcycle Owners

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If you own a motorcycle, you’re going to need tools so that you can work on it. OEM tools like an OEM tool box, wrench organizer, and all that go inside are smart resources to keep in your garage. The tool that will be most helpful to you, however, it a Ranger Motorcycle Lift. Here’s why.

They are smaller than car lifts
Compared to a car lift, a motorcycle lift is much smaller. It will fit into your garage much easier, or even a large shed. They are also much easier to use because they are smaller.

You can get a closer look
You can see things on your motorcycle much more clearly when you are inspecting it on the lift in the air compared to looking at it when it’s on the ground.

You body won’t have to strain as much
Motorcycle lifts have many advantages for the physical condition of your body. First of all, you won’t have to twist or bend your back when you’re working on your bike, so you physically feel less strain on your muscles and bones. Secondly, you don’t have to worry about getting stain by dust or oil because you don’t have to lie on the ground or concrete to fix a problem.

It’s safer than using other methods to lift the bike
You won’t need a replacement floor jack handle because you don’t need to use a jack with a ranger motorcycle lift. In fact, you shouldn’t use a jack to lift up your motorcycle because it could be potentially dangerous. You won’t have enough weight support when you try to lift the bike with a jack, so it’s much safer to use a motorcycle lift.

Household customers make up 75% of the auto repair industry, making them the largest portion of the mix. This means that you don’t have to be a professional mechanic or work at a fancy body shop to own something like a Ranger Motorcycle Lift. Motorcycle lifts are great for motorcycle owners because they are small, easy to use, safe, and better for the body. Check out our inventory today and get yourself a Ranger Motorcycle Lift.


4 Steelcraft Truck Accessories You Need Today

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Owning a truck can make life easier for a lot of reasons. Driving in bad weather is usually easier. You don’t have to rent a trailer when you buy furniture. You can tow your boat without needing to borrow a truck from someone else. The truck alone comes in handy, but these truck accessories make it even better.

Steelcraft LED Bull Bar
Steelcraft LED Bull Bars offer the ultimate protection while making your truck look cooler than ever. Bull bars will protect the front end of your truck from minor accidents like hitting an animal or shrubbery when you go off-roading. When you add the LED lights to them, they are even better. They allow you to see much more, which is also great for off-roading.

Steelcraft Bumpers
Steelcraft makes front and back bumpers to offer your truck the ultimate protection. Front bumpers help your truck resist rust and corrosion in all elements, protect your front end from minor collisions, and are extremely durable. Back bumpers also protect against corrosion and rust, as well as protect the rear of your truck from simple mishaps to major catastrophes.

Steelcraft Nerf Bars and Steelcraft Running Boards
While these two products may seem exactly the same, they are actually different. Nerf bars run along the base of the truck and provide stepping points only where they predict someone would place their foot. The rest of the car is round and not made to step on. Running boards, on the other hand, provide a wide board so you can place your foot anywhere on it and still get a good step up into the truck. Either way, they make climbing into your pickup much easier.

In terms of light-duty truck sales, the pickup truck is the second most popular truck. roughly 186,831 units were sold between January 2017 and January 2018. If you’re one of the many who owns a pickup truck, check out some of these Steelcraft truck accessories. Steelcraft LED Bull Bars, bumpers, ner bars, and running boards all make excellent additions to your truck in terms of style and function. Check out our inventory today to get the best accessories for your truck.


5 Myths About Car Starters That Aren’t Even Remotely True

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A remote car starter can be incredibly advantageous, especially during the summer and winter months when you want to start your car as soon as possible. However, there are a lot of misconceptions about remote car starter installations that may keep some car owners from investing in one of these valuable car accessories.

That being said, here are some of the most common myths about remote car starters officially debunked:

  1. Remote starters are bad for your car. There’s a huge myth circulating that warming up your car before driving away does significant damage to your engine. In reality, the opposite is true. The oil in your car needs time to get back to its normal viscosity for proper function, which it’s only capable of doing if you warm up your vehicle.
  2. A remote starter would void my car’s warranty. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act prevents your warranty from being voided because you’ve had a remote starter installed in your vehicle. Don’t let your car dealer tell you otherwise.
  3. A remote starter is only handy during the winter. Remote starters are useful throughout the year whether it’s winter and you want your car to be warm by the time you get inside or it’s summer and you want your car to be nice and cool. It also comes in handy for warming up your engine at any time of the year for greater engine efficiency.
  4. Remote starters make my car easier to steal. Remote starters don’t automatically unlock your car. Starters only turn your car on. Thieves will still need to get around your car’s security features in order to steal your vehicle. This includes the locks, your security system, and alarm. What’s more, you still need the key to operate your vehicle or else the car will shut off.
  5. I don’t need a remote starter if I park in a garage. Your car can still be cold in the winter and hot in the summer if it doesn’t have time to start up. Remote starters are also good to have when you’re out to eat or out shopping.

Many remote car starters offer drivers the convenience of turning on their vehicles from up to 1,500 feet away. For more information on car starters, security car systems, window tinting, backup cameras, or other types of car accessories, contact Chronos Specialty Auto Works today.


You Might Be Putting Yourself At Risk When You Put Off Windshield Repair

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windshield repairIf you’ve got a cracked windshield, you’re going to want to take it to an automotive glass replacement shop to get it fixed immediately. Windshield repair shouldn’t be taken lightly — your windshield is responsible for 35% of the structural integrity of your vehicle. With the windshield weakened, there could be severe consequences for not getting it repaired. Plus, the longer you wait to get it fixed, the greater your chances of having it become irreparable are, and you’ll have to start looking at windshield replacement options.

Why Are Windshields So Important? 
Not only is a cracked windshield unsightly, it can also pose a serious safety hazard. If you get into an accident, the windshield plays an important role in keeping you safe. In a head on collision, just under half of the cabin’s structural integrity relies on the windshield. This figure goes up to 60% if you’re in a rollover crash. Additionally, a large enough crack (especially if it spiderwebs out) can impair your view of the road and other vehicles, pedestrians, or bikers on the road when driving, which is also dangerous.

You also don’t want to hold off on getting a rock chip removed or a crack fixed, because while the damage could hold steady for ten years, another round of damage could result in a two foot long crack in seconds. The spread of damage isn’t predictable and only makes you more susceptible to accidents. Plus, if you wait on fixing a chip or a crack, you might end up having to replace your whole windshield which will be pricier in the long run.

When Should I Consider Getting My Windshield Repaired? 
A windshield repair shop will often recommend getting your windshield totally replaced if there are repairs within four inches of each other. The Repair of Laminated Automotive Glass Standard also recommends replacing your windshield if the damage’s diameter is over an inch in the driver’s sight line. Generally, they can repair a crack or chip up to three inches long, but any longer than that and you might want to consider replacing the whole thing.

Luckily, if you’re looking at windshield repair service, you can usually get a chip or crack repaired for less than $100. Replacing the windshield itself is going to be a little pricier, but check with your insurance policy to see if they’ll cover any of it.

Tips for Getting Your Windshield Repaired 
If you’re unsure about whether you should get your windshield repaired or replaced entirely, talk to a auto glass repair professional right away. He or she will be able to make the best recommendation.

You want to make sure that you’re hiring a reputable company who is going to repair your windshield correctly and effectively. Shockingly, in a report from 2007, almost 80% of glass replacements were not done properly, which is highly dangerous. You don’t want your windshield falling out in an accident or for there to be the possibility of passenger ejection in a car crash.

Ask family and friends if they’ve gone to see an auto glass repair service and what their experience was like. Be sure to research the service online and make sure that customer reviews are excellent before approaching them. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with multiple services and get quotes from them and learn about their procedures.

Make sure they have the right tools to handle your windshield replacement job and aren’t cutting corners on doing the job properly. The body of the car and the glass itself should be cleaned before installation and everything should be allowed to set and cure before the car is ready to go back out on the road.

Don’t skimp on your safety. If your windshield is somehow compromised, you want to get in to an auto glass repair service immediately to remedy the problem. Don’t let it go and hope for the best. Your safety and the safety of your passengers might be at risk with a damaged windshield.


5 Signs that Mean You Need to Call for Brake Repairs

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brake repairIf you want to have your car for a long time, it’s important that you take good care of it. Beyond filling it with gas and getting oil change services, part of taking care of your car is paying attention to signs of distress.

Many people tend to just forget about their brakes until it’s too late, but there are certain things you should be looking for that will tell you it’s time to call in for brake repair or replacement. Your brake pads, 2 pads per rotor, will press against the rotor and wear down over time, which is why it’s important to pay special attention to them. Here are a few warning signs that mean it’s time to take your car in for brake repair.

Grinding Noises
First of all, any strange noises in your car should alert you to a problem. If you hear grinding noises when you brake specifically though, it’s definitely an issue that has everything to do with your brakes. It could be one of multiple issues, but nonetheless it means you need to get brake repairs done.

Pulling involves your car literally “pulling” to one side or the other when you brake. Odds are that one side has brakes that are weaker than the other, and that’s a huge issue, especially if the roads are slippery.

Burning Plastic Smell
When you smell burning rubber, something is definitely wrong. Bad smells in your car should never be ignored, especially if those smells are gasoline or burning plastic.

Flooring the Brakes
Brakes should be pretty touchy, which means your foot shouldn’t have to move that far down to slow your vehicle. Having to floor the brake pedal to slow your vehicle down isn’t normal, and it should be checked out immediately.

Your vehicle should come to a nice, smooth stop when you brake. If your car vibrates or appears to bounce when you brake, there’s something wrong.

Any one of these issues should alert you to brake issues. If you notice any of these things, make sure you take your car into an auto repair shop immediately.


How to Get More Miles Out of Any Used Car

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auto salesRecent estimates suggest that as many as 40 million used cars are bought and sold within any given year, whether between private parties or from used car dealerships. That’s more than twice the amount of new auto sales, even in the best of years.

There are many good reasons to buy a car used instead of new, not least of all the amount of money you can save. But how can you make sure that your used car purchase will last just as long as any new car? Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get the most mileage out of your vehicle, no matter its make, model, or mileage.

  1. Read the Manual
    All cars require regular maintenance, including oil changes, tune-ups, and fluid checks. Despite the common rules of thumb you’ll hear from auto sales dealers and mechanics, each vehicle has its own specific schedule for when these items should be checked, cleaned, or changed. Your owner’s manual should be your go-to guide for all routine maintenance and preventative upkeep.
  2. Drive Smart
    Being cautious and careful on the road won’t only help prevent accidents, it can help prolong your vehicle’s life expectancy, too. Go easy on the brakes and the gas whenever possible. Also, allow your engine time to warm up before you throw it into full speed.
  3. Clean and Cover
    Washing and waxing your car can help guard against rust and paint wear on the outside, while regular interior cleanings can minimize buildup that might cause tears or holes in the seating fabric or floors. It’s also best to keep your car parked in a garage or carport when not in use, or to at least use a cover to protect it from the elements.
  4. Pay for Good Repairs
    Your used car is only as good as the parts that make it run. When it comes time for a repair, make the investment on quality supplies instead of opting for the cheap stuff. In the long run, even expensive repairs can be more cost-effective than burning through car after car.

No vehicle lasts forever, but with the right know-how, you can make your used car run smoothly and efficiently for years to come. Get the most out of your investment by taking good care of your car, and in turn, it will take good care of you.


How Wrap Cut Tape Helps Vehicle Advertising Pop

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wrap cut tapeWhen most people think of advertising, they generally consider more traditional mediums: billboards, TV commercials, radio ads, and perhaps even inbound marketing tactics used online. But very few would think to name the advertisements they see on vehicles first.

Although it may surprise some people, vehicle wraps advertising products and services are fairly common for businesses of all sizes. There are approximately 252.6 million vehicles on the road in the United States, and sales increased by 16% between 2014 and 2015 alone. Furthermore, a good portion of these are used for commercial purposes. Take, for example, a construction firm. Although 31% of these firms choose Ford pickup trucks above other makes, the vast majority of all construction companies will advertise their business on their vehicles.

The easiest way for any type of company to add their logo, contact information, or other data about their business to a vehicle is to use a vehicle wrap. Yet once a wrap is created for a car, truck, or SUV, it needs to be applied as flawlessly as possible. The best way to do this is with a wrap cut tape.

Wrap cut tapes have been used as problem-solving tools for vehicle wraps all over the United States. Wrap cut tapes enable for the creation of new possibilities in the design of these advertisements, such as the utilization of overlapping vinyl surfaces. Another distinct advantage of this product is that it can reduce the amount of film needed to apply the wrap, and it is makes the application process simple.

Wrap Cut Utilization: A How-To

  1. When using wrap cut tape, put the tape with the filament-bearing edge placed down on the desired line.
  2. Apply the vinyl film to the designated surface. Make sure that there are no air bubbles and that the edges or overlapping images line up correctly.
  3. Pull the filament out and through the vinyl. Follow any other instructions that may be specific to the wrap you’re applying.

Our mission is to develop and produce the highest quality products for the automotive industry, industrial industry, and other related fields. Browse our selection or get in touch with us today to find all of your vinyl cutting tape and wrap needs.


Motorcycle hauling —- Free Videos

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